Is There A Link Between Beating Children and Waging War?

February 9, 2019

There are countries where it is culturally acceptable to beat and spank your children hard, hard enough to make them hurt and realize you mean to punish them.It just occurred to me that beating innocent, helpless children has broader repercussions than the pain of that little kid who has no way of protecting himself or herself.Beating children means that you believe that the way to solve problems is by using power.Now, extrapolate that to interpersonal and international relations.I suggest that countries in which it is acceptable to beat children are more belligerent in their international relations than countries in which it is not okay to beat children.I wonder if the countries in the Balkan would have committed the atrocities they did in the recent war if they did not learn from childhood to use power as a vehicle to solve problems.I wish someone would do research and validate or reject my hypothesis that there is a correlation between beating children and waging atrocious wars.Scandinavians do not beat their children; it is even illegal to do so. They have been at peace with each other for generations.Now take a handful of countries in the Middle East and see if the correlation applies.Beating your children seems to lead to beating your neighbor with whom you might have a dispute, which in turn leads to trying to solve your international problems by waging war.Just thinking,Dr Ichak Kalderon AdizesFounder and CEO, Adizes Institute Worldwide

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes