January 20, 0202

My commentary on Kazakhstan and Ukraine - Russian situation got strong comments from the readers.  It calls for a response.

If  a doctor explains to a patient  why he got a heart attack  does it mean the doctor  supports heart attacks? In interpersonal or international relations, which are loaded with prejudices and strong positions, people apparently   assume that  if someone explains what happened , that he is trying to defend what happened. Like a mother trying to explain to a stern father what the child did and why he did it so papa will not punish him. It is as if understanding is half forgiving.

I presented in my commentaries an ANALYSIS  of what is happening in Kazakhstan and the Ukrainian border, as I understand it. I was NOT TAKING A POSITION.

Some readers criticized me that my commentary was defending autocracy.
Nothing can be further from the truth.
I have dedicated my whole adult life to promote democracy. That is what the Adizes Methodology is all about.  I am a warrior FOR   democracy and have been all my life. All my books. All my work is for democracy.  

I wrote the commentary because we might have a war. And I am scared of war. Not supporting or justifying war. I lived through the second world war. I saw my family die. I starved . I know the pain of war so to even imagine that I will justify moves towards war is really off the charts wrong. Not that anyone in the present scenario  wants it. Like in First World War it was a sequence of events that triggered a war, all that is needed now is an event that starts the domino effect, one domino pushes the next down till the whole structure collapses. One miscalculation. One bad judgement  and there we go at each other throat.

The world is in major technological socio political turmoil . Add to it the threat to the Judeo Christian tradition by a rising Moslem population and we have  a barrel of   gunpowder. All that is needed for a disastrous war  is one , just one lit  match. One Gavrilovic  to pull the trigger on a passing horse chariot  and there we all go in flames.

I pray. I pray to God I am wrong.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes