What is the solution to the Middle East crisis?

November 9, 2023

Dear Readers, I apologize that in the last few weeks all I write about is about the Middle East War, but, honestly, that is all I think about now. I am incapable to write anything else. Let us pray and hope peace will come to rule the world soon and we will be able to get back to some constructive thinking. Respectfully, Dr. Ichak Adizes.

Today, I watched a video that quotes a journalist living in the western part of Israel, the so-called occupied territories, Prof. Ilan Pape, and others. They claim that Israel killed babies and thousands of Palestinians during the 1948 war and thereafter. Thus, the massacre of October 7 was not done in a vacuum, insinuating that there was a reason why Hamas came and carried out its atrocities.

The argument was very well presented and documented, legitimizing the antisemitic wave becoming worldwide.

Did we kill in the process of building our country? Yes, we did. But did we intentionally go from door to door looking for Arabs to kill, decapitate their children, and their pregnant women? I do not believe that in a thousand years, even if you put a gun to my head. Because if an Israeli soldier fires and kills a civilian Palestinian, there is an investigation, and he is put on trial and jailed. There was one who killed over twenty praying Muslims and another one who killed a Palestinian family. They were apprehended and put in jail. There is a small band of “The young of the hills “ group that settled illegally on Arab land and that terrorizes Palestinians and try to expel them from their homes. Many Israelis go to the area and try to defend the Palestinians and fight those Jewish terrorists. This is not what happens with Hamas. The killers get glorified. They are considered heroes. How much they get celebrated depends on how many Jews they killed. It counts.

I do not believe Jewish people can kill babies, stabbing pregnant women and killing their fetuses, killing children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children or cutting both arms of a twelve-year-old girl and letting her bleed till she died. That is what Hamas did. To say that we equally kill is a dirty, ugly, blood-stirring accusation that makes me cry in frustration.

Do babies die because of our bombs? Yes, they do, but what can we do when Hamas uses them as a human shield? Israel provided hundred fifty trucks with food and water and, with leaflets, asked Palestinians to move south so they do not die. Hamas stops them. They use them as a human shield. So, people die. Now, you tell me who is responsible for their death.

True, we could stop the bombing because of the human shield Hamas uses. But then, how do we eliminate Hamas, who continually rains missiles on Israel? Thousands of them. Ah, just negotiate peace. Great idea. Why did America not negotiate peace with Al Qaeda? Or with ISIS? Because you cannot. They do not want peace. Neither Hamas nor ISIS nor Al Qaeda. They want Muslim rule and the elimination of the infidels. Today it is the Jews, tomorrow it could be the Christians.

While I am for defeating Hamas, I feel for the Palestinians. They are not one and the same as not all Germans were Nazis. The Palestinians are experiencing a tragedy too, a tragedy they do not deserve.

We, the Jewish people, our tragedy is two thousand years of pogroms, inquisition, holocaust, getting murdered, hanged, burned, decapitated…. We had enough, so we wanted a slice of earth to call our own and defend ourselves. It was tried in Argentina (the Baron Hirsh land.) It was tried in Russia, a whole state allocated to Jews. It did not work. It worked in our homeland, the one we prayed to for two thousand years and still do every single day. This small piece of land was 63% desert and with swamps infested with malaria. Not the most desired piece of land, but we had an emotional connection to it. We made a productive, beautiful garden out of it. We found every little stream mentioned in the Bible and our ancient settlements that the Arab renamed in an Arabic sounding variation. We could walk and hold the Bible and point where David defeated Goliath, where Samson of Dalilah’s fame brought the temple down, where were the stables of King Salamone, etc. As a soldier, training on the sands of Ashkelon, we found something glittering in the sand. It was a Roman coin. On one side, it had the portrait of a Roman emperor. On the other side, a broken palm tree, under it a woman supposedly crying. It was a coin the Romans issued when they conquered Judea, destroyed the second temple, and took to Rome thousands of Jews as slaves. And here we were, Israeli, Jewish soldiers, alive in a Jewish state. The Romans did not defeat us. We came back. And revived the language we spoke two thousand years ago and made it the day-to-day spoken language we use now. We came back to feel secure and proud in our country, the country of our ancestors, the one we prayed to and greeted each other with a wish: next year in Jerusalem.

It is all fine for us, but that piece of land was inhabited. The Palestinians were expelled or ran away because of the war. They paid with their lives, with their land and homes for the two thousand years of atrocities the Jewish people suffered but which the Palestinians did not cause. This is their tragedy. For no fault of their own, they died, lost their home, lost their future, they became refugees, so we can stop being refugees.

I feel for them. I truly do, but the big question remains: what to do?

We cannot go back to the diaspora. We do not want to be under threat anymore. To fear antisemitic attacks. An elderly Jewish man was murdered ten minutes’ drive from my home by a Palestinian using a megaphone. Yesterday. I am scared. In America. Today. I am scared for my grandchildren who are in Manhattan. Their Jewish school is surrounded by police cars, plus private security, plus dogs that are trained to search for a bomb. Imagine the environment they are going to study in. And in the subway, they hide their little cap on their head and if someone asks them if they are Jewish, they are instructed to say no. They are seven and five years old.

I want to know that there is a country I can go to and defend myself. Outside Israel, I must hope and pray that someone else will protect me. Will they? In the Second World War, my people who came from the gas chambers of Auschwitz were not allowed to land in America. They were sent back. So, no, despite my pain knowing we displaced the Palestinians, and many died, we are not going anywhere.

The solution should have been population exchange. We settled Jewish refugees who were expelled from Arab countries, and the Arab states should have settled the Palestinian refugees. The numbers were almost equal. It did not happen. The Palestinian refugees are among the few in the history of mankind who have not been settled. They were kept in refugee camps by their brothers, who killed them in the thousands when they tried to raise their head a bit.

Yes, I truly feel for the Palestinians. No place to go. Suffering for no fault of their own. I honestly do, but what to do? What to do?

They cannot be part of Israel where we need to be a majority to protect ourselves. We are six million and the Palestinians are almost the same number. If we do allow their return, Israel will be a country where fifty percent of the country does not want a Jewish state. Will America take in a hundred and fifty million, let us say communists, who hate the American capitalist system? That is what is asked of us. We will again be a minority. Again, under threat. We are back to the starting point. No way because WE HAVE HAD IT. We are not going back to be a minority under threat. It is time the world understands this. We have had it being hated, despised, threatened, and scared.

So, what to do? Two states? Great, but how to avoid that the new state will not become another Hamas state and rain missiles on Israel day and night and terrorize us? Like Gaza. Iran is behind it supporting it with arms and Qatar with money.

So, what to do? To bomb Gaza, as we are doing now, is not a solution. We are creating a new generation of Hamas terrorists. The more we fight and win, the more we lose and the worse it gets.

I believe there is a solution.

The solution is two countries, but all great powers, USA, NATO, representing Europe, Russia, and China guarantee the borders of the two states. And guarantee that the Palestinian state will not have offensive ammunition like rockets and missiles. And Israel will pay reparations to the Palestinians for the land taken, and that money will be used exclusively for American, European and or Israeli joint ventures to build the Palestinian economy. The money should be under strict supervision not to be used for any hostile purpose, like Hamas did in Gaza nor stolen by corrupt politicians.

Palestine does not need to accept the existence of Israel, which Israel is adamantly demanding. It is not part of the solution. Some problems do not need to be spoken about. If the bird swims and behaves like a duck, it is a duck. If the two states work well together and have common economic interests and secure borders, they de facto accepted each other, so no need to force the Palestinians to renounce the land they lost which is something extremely painful for them to accept.

It will not be easy to implement this solution because both Israel and the Palestinians have extremists that will fight this solution with all their power, and it will take work to convince Russia and China that they have a common interest with the USA to bring peace to the Middle East. Right now, the interests of Russia and China are to have turmoil and war in there. Russia to keep Israel from having a deal with Saudi Arabia to create a pipe to transport gas from Saudi Arabia via Israel to Europe and by doing that, seriously threaten the economic interests of Russia who provides almost exclusively gas to Europe. China, I believe, hopes the turmoil in the Middle East will keep America busy enough that it will not be able to handle Ukraine, the Middle East, and Taiwan simultaneously, and China will be able to annex Taiwan.

If the big powers, jointly, do not secure Israel and Palestine to live in peace, and Israel is under threat of capitulating and its people in danger of not surviving, I believe, Israel might use the nuclear bomb. It almost did during the Yom Kippur war. The present government is very nationalistic and more prone to do it.

If Israel does, the Muslim world will unite, and the Third World War, Muslims against Judeo Christians, which is already underway, will mushroom in full force. With nuclear bombs available by multiple countries, the temptation will be too high on all sides to use them to solve problems they have difficulty solving, and the disaster that will fall on humanity is beyond what we dare to imagine. It is in the interest of the whole world to implement a solution and force it on the Middle East parties because they by themselves are incapable to reach one.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes