The Age Of Mistrust

January 27, 2023

Peter Drucker named his generation “the age of discontinuity.” I would like to call the present times “the age of mistrust.” We are living in a new jungle. In the old jungle, we knew who was the snake and who was the wolf. In the new jungle, no idea. Many are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Many snakes that tempt you with forbidden fruit have incredible titles and certificates.

I was talking to a surgeon who was telling me how corrupt the field of medicine is. A medical device company is promoting some device that he says is faulty but the insurance company insists that is the one to be used. And that he can not trust medical journals. A lot of the findings are biased to favor the pharmaceutical company that funded the research.

Scary. What and whom should we believe?

I was consulting abroad some years ago with a soap manufacturer that was affiliated with a western company. (To avoid expensive litigation, I am not going to identify the country or the company.) In passing during dinner, the managing director told me not to use soap when I shower. “Only under the armpits and the private parts,” he said.

I almost choked on my food. “Why is that?” I asked.“

Because it can damage your skin.” The director of a soap distribution company, mind you, said this.

Without mentioning my previous conversation, I asked my dermatologist for his advice on using soap. He said the same thing. He gave me the brand name of a certain soap, the only one I should use, because the others are full of chemicals, etc., and will damage my skin.

I receive at least half a dozen unsolicited emails a day from “bona fide” doctors, all promoting one product or another, and all of them, without fail, bad-mouthing the pharmaceutical industry and their colleagues in the medical profession. They claim that big pharma is greedily selling drugs that cause harm rather than help. They claim that doctors hide this information from their patients, or that they are ignorant and do not know the latest findings in the medical field. Meanwhile, they—the spokes doctors, the pushers—have the miracle product you need to solve all your diseases, real or imaginary.

I recently went to a health center to detoxify, and it was drummed into my head every single day that the food sold in supermarkets is toxic: covered with toxic spray, highly processed, and loaded with carcinogens and dangerous chemicals. Eat only organic. Stop all wheat products. Wheat alone will cause a plethora of medical problems. But then you go to a restaurant. The food is delicious, you eat it, and I bet you gained a few pounds. Lots of oil and salt to make it tasty, although it is not healthy.

You turn on the news, and there is the former President of the United States of America, claiming that the media delivers false news and that the elections were stolen. Each political party is calling the other corrupt and/or incompetent, and the reasons for the attacks in Iraq, and in Vietnam, were false and manufactured. Even between life partners who are about to tie the knot, there is no trust —prenuptial agreements have become the norm. And religious institutions are also under attack. Catholic church with sexual scandals.

In June of 2021, The New York Times Magazine ran an article about women who were sterilized without consenting to the procedure. Imagine going to a doctor to be treated for something and leaving the clinic sterilized without your knowledge—not even knowing that you will never be able to have children. Surprise!!!

So, whom and what can we trust?

In times of big change, when people are lost and do not know whom and what to believe in, new religions are born. People need to believe in something. They need to trust something….Scientology is booming. All kinds of spiritual awakenings are being sold in the spiritual marketplace. Where is this leading to? Time will tell.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes