Impeach Trump

August 7, 2019

Assume absolutely all of President Trump’s decisions are perfect.Just assume that everything from the trade war with China to the expensive, ineffective border wall, are the right choices. Suppose that even withdrawing from NAFTA and the Iran nuclear deal, and using acting secretaries to avoid congressional approval which de facto undermining democracy are the right decisions. Furthermore, assume that increasing expenses while cutting taxes to the rich, were all prudent decisions although they might lead the country in the future to a serious economic meltdown because of the mushrooming, enormous national debt. Still, just assume: these are all perfect decisions.Assume that the crisis de jure he initiates almost daily whether it is the Wall, or confronting NATO, or China. or Mexico, of the CIA, or the FBI, or the Central Bank, or Congress, or how he wants to solve the Middle East problem and now he announced he will solve the Kosovo problem, assume that threatening Iran with war if they do not come to the negotiating table and it must be on his terms, these are all the right strategies.Assume that threatening to close the border with Mexico or stopping aid to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras they are all the right decision although we might have some very bad, soon to be seen repercussions: Mexico, Guatemala, etc. are poor countries with internal major difference in income between the different classes, with political instability and a history of internal civil war. Stopping aid, increasing tariffs and thus cutting imports, impact economic conditions in those countries and If the economic conditions get much, much worse, it will lead to turbulence and maybe even a revolution. Maybe a socialist, Chavez type, revolution. Still, assume: it will be good for America.I would still impeach him.Because he is leading America down a dangerous path. It is not his decisions that are dangerous although they could be. It is his leadership style which is the problem. I am not referring to his Mussolini-like facial and body language, nor his choice of words. It is his tendency towards confrontation that is destroying America’s standing among the nations, destroying relations with long-standing allies like Canada, France, Germany, etc. Furthermore, more dangerous, the confrontative style is sowing conflict inside the country. Indirectly, his rhetoric is legitimizing for mentally sick people the sick idea to have mass murders. It is leading to disintegration. Moreover, by reversing his decisions on a whim and blatantly claiming he never made them, although there is video documentation of his conflicting decisions, Trump assumes the American people will eat whatever he feeds them.Yes, I will impeach him because the biggest assets America has is not technology which others have as well. Take Israel which is a powerhouse in technology. It is not money. Others, like China, have bigger reserves. It's not its geographic size or size of the market. Some are as big. It's not physical resources. Others have as well. It is its culture: Multiple religions, multiple ethnic groups living in unison together. It is a country where everybody is sharing the same name ( Switzerland is another one, Yugoslavia used to be). In the USA we all are Americans: Polish Americans, Russian Americans, Jewish Americans, you name it. All Americans. No dominant ethnic or religious group claiming to be THE Americans, although some fringe groups are trying; Some want it to be a Christian Nation and some consider the Anglo Protestants the dominant elite. But this is still in the fringes of the culture while in other countries it is the dominant feature of the culture.What characterizes America is tolerance, and more than tolerance, appreciation of diversity, mutual trust and respect between nationalities and ethnic groups or religions, working in unison, the acceptance of rule of law and that the Constitution is above any ruler and must be honored.I believe Trump is undermining this culture, the most important significant asset America has. It is his destructive style in negotiating, in solving problems, in dealing with issues. He is fostering conflicts, not collaboration or cooperation. Only fight, fight, fight.Building a culture of mutual trust and respect takes a long time and hard work. Ruining it, undermining it, chipping at it, takes very little effort and it is lost very fast and it will not be easy to restore it back.So, yes, I would impeach him.But some politicians, true to their profession will not impeach him due to politics. Ms. Pelosi worries it will not cause him to be removed; The Senate will not remove him since it is dominated by Republicans who have their own chairs to protect. Some Democrats argue that the impeachment will mobilize Trump’s voting supporters and increase his chances of being reelected. Thus, the value of impeachment is lower than the cost of the potentially increased chance of Trump being reelected.Politics.What is at stake is not who stays in power, but sending a message to America at large that destroying our culture and blatantly lying is not acceptable. Obstruction of justice must be punished. No one is above the law. Our culture is more important than politics.Yes, I would still impeach him even if it does not pass the Senate.I would impeach him in the court of public opinion. The streetwise expression is the fish stinks from the head—but you clean it from the tail. I will encourage public debates in every university, in every public hall, in newspapers, on social media to debate the question of impeachment.Protecting our culture is not a subject just for our representatives. It is far too important; all responsible citizens should be involved in preserving it.Just thinking,Ichak Kalderon AdizesFounder of Adizes Institute WorldwideClick here to subscribe to my weekly blog.LinkedIn FacebookAdizes BooksIchakadizes.comTwitter Instagram

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes