Where is the Truth: the Tragedy of the Middle East

October 22, 2023

Dear Readers,

I apologize if I am using the floor to get you involved in my pain, but I lost all my extended family during the Holocaust in Treblinka. Now my sister, my nephews, my best friends, and the rest of my people who survived the Holocaust are in danger of another attempt to annihilate them by a terrorist organization that kills its own people , that celebrates death, following a religious goal of domination. 

I believe you should know the truth because their propaganda based a lot on lies and produced and staged suffering is unfortunately effective. 

My heart hurts for the Palestinian people. We and they need to marginalize the religious zealous nationalists and make peace. I pray for it.

Reality check. Pro-Palestinian groups caught in their lie.


Let's Talk Woman to Woman.


The  children, women and elderly taken to Gaza


Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes