Does Free Speech Endanger Democracy?

October 26, 2023

Democracy is not a stable system. It can deteriorate to a dictatorship or chaos.What causes a democracy to lose its grip in managing a society, I believe, could be democracy itself; Forces hostile to democracy use democracy to destroy the democracy.

I think in all languages there is an expression, I know one from my grandmother in Ladino, the judeo espanol language,” todo que es demasiado no vale,” whatever is exaggerated is not good. Could it be that we have too much free speech?

In American Universities students are free to voice their support of an organization that conducted a heinous massacre of men, women, children, and babies. Noncombatants. To open the belly of a pregnant woman in front of her husband and take their baby out and kill it. Behead babies in front of their mothers or kill parents in front of their little children.

University Presidents are allowing student organizations to demonstrate in support of Hamas which conducted those atrocities. And all of that in the name of free speech, supporting Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation. Do you really need to kill old feeble people in their beds and behead children to show resistance?

If the same percentage of the American population was massacred, wounded, and taken hostage, the numbers for the USA would have been: 49,000 (FORTY-NINE THOUSAND) children, women, old men and women murdered, beheaded, 190,000 (ONE HUNDRED NINETY THOUSAND) wounded and 7,700 (ALMOST EIGHT THOUSAND) taken hostage. How would America react? Look what happened when ONE, I repeat, just ONE Afro-American was murdered in Minnesota by a policeman.

The massacre is causing the Israeli to commit itself to wipe Hamas from the face of the earth the same way the Allies committed to wipe Nazis off the face of the earth. Israel bombs the Hamas rocket launching installations which Hamas has installed on purpose in hospitals, schools, and mosques, populated by Palestinian people used as human shields. It is the Palestinians who get killed. Not Hamas. The Hamas terrorists are secure in their tunnels, 60 meters deep in the ground, and their leaders, with their families, are secure abroad in Qatar.

The Palestinian elected a government they cannot get free from, although it is indirectly killing them. It is a government that absolutely refuses to negotiate peace with Israel. That has made the destruction of Israel its goal, the cornerstone of their declared mission. A government that makes them live in perpetual poverty. Instead of using the money donated to the Palestinians to build their economy, it is used by the Hamas to build tunnels to attack Israel. It is a government they democratically elected but which they can not remove from power although it is destroying them.

A democracy is in danger each time a political party with an anti-democratic agenda gains power. Those parties should be delegitimized. Be forbidden by law. Not have the freedom of speech with which they come to power. They use that power to forbid freedom of speech and imprison those that dare to speak against the regime.

Presidents of universities that allow demonstrations supporting Hamas, a terrorist undemocratic organization are undermining democracy, rather than supporting it which should be their educational mission.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes