Do not Impeach Trump for the Second Time

February 10, 2021

I am against impeaching Trump the second time  although I believe he is guilty. He incited the Mob to attack the Capitol. He invited them to stop the transfer of power. To protect democracy  from the thieves who stole the election although there is no proof that this claim is on solid ground. 15% of those attacking the capitol were veterans. People who went to war and were willing to sacrifice their lives for the country. They were instructed to save the country again by their commander in chief. They believed in him. Was he not the President?  So it is not the attackers that I have as much trouble with as I have with the President of the United States of America at the time. He led them. Would you believe this mob would have travelled from all over the country to Washington and attack the Capitol and murder a policemen on its own initiative without given what was to them a compelling reason?

 Still, I’m against the second impeachment, because as I understand the constitution, and granted, I’m not a constitutional lawyer, it says, “Impeachment TO REMOVE FROM OFFICE.” He has no office to be removed from, so how can he be impeached to be removed from office?

 In my mind, the Democrats are attempting  to impeach him the second time, because they don’t want him to run for president in 2024 or  for any public office ever. They might have very valid reasons but that is not the driving force because, to me,  it’s not right to interpret  the constitution to achieve political goals, to prevent a person to run for presidency again, especially when 70 million of Americans did want him to be a president: It will prohibit 70 million of Americans to vote their wish.

 Is that all?  Is Trump going to escape on a technicality to be held accountable for his  serious destructive actions?  Well, he will not be the first nor the last. That is how the justice system based on dry law works but  knowing his style, he will continue pushing, inciting to further riots and spreading further questionable truths. He’s not going to sit quietly and play golf and disappear into the sunset like all other Presidents of the United States did and do when they move from power. He will continue challenging  the line of law, and I have no doubt, he will cross that line. The Democrats will have ample opportunities to take him to court. And if 70 million or 30 million or whatever millions of Americans still want to vote for such a personality, they should be able to. That is what democracy is about. Are we committed to democracy and willing to pay the price to have one or we have it only when it suits our agenda?

 I believe the solution to the problem is somewhere else and it is to amend the first amendment. People that spread lies, and it can be proven that these are lies, should be sued and punished severely for pouring toxic information into the consciousness of the nation.  There should be no absolute freedom of speech. It has to be limited to what makes sense and to me it makes no sense  to allow people to freely spread clear lies that destroy trust in the system, lies that breeds conspiracy theories which can bring the destruction of democracy in this beautiful country called America. To me it does not make sense to protect with a constitution actions that use democracy to destroy it.  Study history. Study what happened to the Roman Empire. We are following that script to our own destruction.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes