The Necessity to Unite Humanity and About The Creative Society

March 4, 2022

Ichak Adizes, one of the world's best known consultants, gave an exclusive interview for the Creative Society project.

Dr. Adizes is an Israeli and American writer, consultant and founder of the Adizes Institute for managing change without destructive conflict (the Symbergetic™ Methodology). He has published 26 books, which in total were translated into 40 languages. In this interview you'll learn: where society's troubles begin, what we need to recognize in order to live in a safe world, what has been America's strength even fifty years ago, why politicians are victims of the system that they are unable to change, and how Dr. Adizes's views the building of the Creative Society.

A participant of the Creative Society reached out Dr. Adizes and said:

I was reading your blog today and I couldn't help writing to you. You voice in your blogs such important thoughts for all people about the need of unification, about the climate, financial and other crises awaiting mankind. You say that you have an idea of the system that humanity needs, because neither communism nor capitalism can meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. You write that human life cannot be measured by money, for it is priceless. And today in our world, unfortunately, we put money and capital above life.

Dr. Adizes, your thoughts and ideas are very similar to the ideas of many people who are united around the world in order to change the system of consumer society, which has long outlived itself. This is an evolutionary change of society, building a Creative Society where everyone's life will be the most important value. This idea combines the best aspects of capitalism and socialism, but it can only be realized if we, as humanity, are able to unite and take responsibility for the development of society.

To raise today's global problems such as the increase and synchronization of climate disasters, the crisis of confidence in society, the problems of refugees, violence and slavery, the crisis of the world economic and financial system we are holding international online conferences and forums. We invite people from all over the world: eyewitnesses, victims, experts and scientists. People who are willing to speak openly about the truth. Both the project Creative Society itself and the international online conferences are realized by volunteers from all over the world. The conferences are translated simultaneously into 100 languages and broadcast on a myriad of platforms around the world.

We look forward to speaking with you and want your thoughts on unification, the value of life, and the need to change society, where the heart - is our future. We want to all people hear your views.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes