The Flaws of Democracy

February 23, 2024

The flaws of democracy have contributed to the current crisis inthe Middle East, posing a threat to world Jewry.

In a democratic system, a small party representing a minorityinterest can, under certain circumstances, rise to power and steer the nationtowards its downfall. This scenario unfolded in Germany's history and is nowplaying out in Israel, with potential implications for other democratic nations,including those in Europe.

During Israel's recent elections, two small left-wing partiescould have secured representation in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, bycombining their votes. However, they chose not to unite. Consequently, BenjaminNetanyahu's right-wing party garnered more votes than any other party, enablingit to form the ruling coalition.

Netanyahu's opposition to a two-state solution, which theleftist parties are open to exploring, led him to form a coalition with twosmall extreme right-wing parties and an orthodox Jewish party. The right-wingfactions aspire to resurrect King David's ancient empire, free of Arabs, whilethe orthodox parties seek exemptions from military service and financialsupport due to their religious practices and large families. Netanyahu'spersonal agenda includes remaining in power to evade corruption charges andthwart the opposition.

To maintain his position, Netanyahu must adhere to the agenda ofthe right-wing parties, which are staunchly anti-Palestinian and advocateexpansion. Consequently, these parties exert considerable influence over thecoalition's policies.

Following a Hamas attack on October 7, Netanyahu faced pressurefrom the right-wing parties to retaliate. This led to a four-month warresulting in the deaths of thousands of Palestinian children and civilians,along with widespread destruction. Israel's actions drew internationalcondemnation, leading to increased isolation and a rise in antisemitismglobally.

The democratic principle of freedom of speech allows criticismof the Israeli government, which is sometimes exploited by antisemitic groupsto fuel hatred. Reports of Israeli military actions, including those publishedby leading newspapers like Haaretz, can be misrepresented and sensationalized,further contributing to antisemitism.

Democracy's inherent flaw is its susceptibility toanti-democratic forces exploiting the system to achieve its goals, even if itundermines the nation's interests. This vulnerability echoes historicalfailures, such as the rise of Nazi Germany, which should serve as a cautionarytale.

It's clear that military solutions alone cannot resolve thePalestinian issue or eliminate terrorism. As long as there is a fervor forMuslim domination and the Palestinian problem remains unsolved, terrorism willpersist, with new groups emerging even if current ones are defeated.

In conclusion, democracy's shortcomings must be acknowledged andaddressed to prevent history from repeating itself.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes