The situation in Israel - How I see it and understand it

October 11, 2023

The people in Gaza have been locked for seventy-five years without a future. No workable economy. Relying on donations and help from abroad to survive.  No exit to the world. No future for their children.  A one large prison with no hope.

Some speakers that support the Palestinian cause are speaking in universities and claiming this horrible situation is the fault of Israel and thus Israel deserves the massacre they have experienced: Burning men women and children alive. Slaughter babies. Shooting cold old men and women, with no discrimination. Taking hostages and torturing them and documenting it on videos, broadcasted to demoralize the Israeli population.

Now let us analyze who is here the guilty party for the terrible situation in Gaza and the horrible reaction of the Hamas.
The facts are that Israel opened its borders to allow workers from Gaza to work in Israel. Provided electricity and medical supplies. Israeli doctors went to Gaza to perform surgeries Gaza doctors could not. Many were hospitalized in Israeli hospitals.

Not enough you would say. I agree, but why no more was done to make life in Gaza livable?  

Hamas refused any negotiations with Israel to solve the problem and thus give a chance for the situation to change.

They declared and never retreated from this declaration that their aim is to destroy the Jewish state. Period. No negotiations. No retreat from that aim.

Coming to their support is Iran who for their own religious reasons wants Israel to disappear too. So, Iran armed Hamas with endless ammunition and arms.  

Most Palestinians want peace and a future for their children like the Israelis want.  It is a small minority, extreme in its ideology and religion, the Hamas that is ruling Gaza, that is driving the confrontation and prohibiting a workable solution.

Hamas kept Gaza a big prison by refusing to make peace with Israel who tried, who served Gaza people despite the nonstop terrorist attacks.

And where is the leadership of Hamas and their immediate families now as the war is raging? Abroad. Not in Gaza. They let their people die as they feel secure away from the war.

These people are the guilty parties. The criminals.

Israel's population is composed of many, many survivors of the holocaust where their dear brothers, sisters, parents, and children got burned alive, gazed, or shot.

The massacre the Hamas executed is reenacting the holocaust and we made an oath it will never happen again and here it is.

How will Israel react? Some want revenge. Level Gaza with the earth. And if many die so, be it. Like America did in leveling Colone or it did in Hiroshima where thousands and thousands of innocents died.

So far, despite the anti-Israeli propaganda, Israel has been fighting ethically. Avoiding civilian targets.  Trying to adhere to ethical war but after this massacre, will it?

Golda Meir, the former prime minister of Israel, said that more than she resents the Palestinians killing us, she resents that they are causing our children to kill them.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes