Analyzing Extremes

January 1, 2021

There's no black - white, hate- love, hot – cold opposites. This is flat earth theory when we juxtapose, love to hate, blacks to white, cold to hot. If you go to the extreme, in flat earth theory, you fall off the edge of the earth. With cold vs hot or love vs hate there is nothing beyond extreme hate or extreme  love.

As the earth is round, so are differentials round. Start from Los Angeles and go east more and more and you might end back in Los Angeles.  If you go to extreme hate, you might experience the beginning of love. We know that from the Stockholm syndrome, where the prisoners fell in love with their guard. And if you go to the extreme of love, you might  experience the beginning of hate. That's why the most strenuous, painful fights, are among people that were lovers before or among brothers, sisters, parents and children that used to love each other.

Same phenomena repeats itself in other comparisons of extremes: black and white, hot cold. In extreme black, you start seeing white spots and if you go to the North Pole and you see only white, extreme white, you can turn blind and you will see black. And when you have high fever you feel cold.

Having said that, it occurred to me the same phenomena  applies to nothing and everything. Extreme everything will turn out to be nothing and extreme nothing will turn into  everything.

If you try to claim that everything, everything, everything, is yours, you might find out that you have nothing because this everything that you own becomes such aburden that it owns you rather than you owning it. People that want everything might get  nothing; people resent them for being extremely selfish and will give them nothing. And people that want nothing, we volunteer to support them, with whatever we have.


When you find nothing, the reason why you find everything is because when you are in nothing, you're totally free to pick up anything. You have no limiting attachments. You're not obliged to anything. You're not committed to anything. You're not closed  to anything. You're totally free.  When you have nothing, you're open to learn from everything. When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose and you're free like you have everything.


In Heartful meditation, when you go inside in deep meditation and totally calm down and find nothingness, you find God, and God is everything and nothing.  It's nothing: you don't see him, hear him, can not touch him, but by being nothing, it is everything; It is in each one of us, in the flowers and rivers and trees; God is everywhere if you are free from anything to feel his presence.


Just thinking

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes