On Men-Women Equality

December 23, 2022

Equality is a utopian expectation. Equality in power, in authority, in rewards.  It can not be over time because of change. Situations change. The demands of the situations change. People change. Different situations require different competencies to deal with them. And the more change, the bigger the inequalities.

Take the high-tech revolution. Those that are not educated, or trained to deal with the new high-tech world are left behind in how much they can earn while those young high-techies are earning abundantly.

The world is becoming very complicated. It requires multiple parties’ involvement in solving a problem. It is not “draw and shoot” anymore. It requires change in the power structure in relationships.  It requires people who are sensitive, who listen well, and who can deal with conflict without causing a bigger problem in how they react to the conflict. 

That is called feminine energy. Not strange women are taking over the leadership of major corporations and increasingly taking over the leadership of countries. 

The women's liberation cry to be equal in opportunity will soon end with dominance over man. 

One can see that in modern marriages. Especially in the USA or Scandinavian countries. Who really decides?  Note the energy. Who leads the discussion?  Who decides where to live and how to live? 

Men are increasingly giving up power to women. That is the future and it is inevitable. We men are tired of wars. Of fighting to earn a living. Of solving problems that are becoming increasingly complicated. Women are full of energy. Being freed by automatization of much of housework and of the task of raising multiple children like their grandmothers did. They are free and eager to take on the world starting with family relations.

Men who refuse to accept this new reality end up single or abusive or divorced. 

I do not like the conclusion but life is what it is.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes