The Benefits of Meditation

November 12, 2021

I've written in the past in several blogs about the benefits of meditation. In my meditation today, I got some insights of the benefits that I got from meditating over time. I have been meditating for years but only in the last eighteen months thanks to Covid and Liudmila Vladova who gives me sittings every week I have been meditating without interruption.

 I and my family noticed a change in my behavior. I am more tolerant. I get upset less often. I do not raise my voice to get what I want. I expect less. Let less be more. Accept others more easily for their flaws.

 I learned tolerance, because when you sit for half an hour or longer, you learn to be quiet, to tolerate intrusions of your mind and thoughts, to accept them and let them pass. You learn patience that a problem  doesn't have to be solved right then and there, you can observe it, whether you like it or not and let it pass. I learn discipline because I meditate every day, a routine that I follow.

 I learned non-attachment. As I meditate and thoughts come, some of them are really demanding attention to action on my part, I let them pass. I don't have to act on them right away. I'm not attached to any of the problems. All at once, I become superior to all my problems and above them all, I don't have to deal with them. I learn to go with the flow, to give up the illusion of control. When you act, you constantly believe you can make changes happen, you can really control the environment. In meditation, as you observe, you get a certain level of humility that you're not in control of everything. Just go with the flow and accept what you can control, and accept what you cannot control. In meditation, because of tolerance and patience, because of losing ambition of being in control, I started feeling love, peace. While the world  is in turmoil, I am at peace. I feel love, and I feel loved. Meditation beats years of Psychotherapy, it is cheaper and definitely more effective.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes