The Road to Hell

February 26, 2021

When we were in the garden of Eden we were not conscious. We were not even conscious that we were nude. We were ignorants in the garden of Eden.
 There is a benefit to being ignorant. One does not know enough to be worried about anything, so one is happy. Happily ignorant.
 Then we ate from the tree of knowledge and what happened? We became conscious, and from that point on we needed to understand. We needed to know.
 The benefit is that we became scientists, forever trying to understand nature, to understand chemistry, and also biology, zoology, and physics. We became not only natural scientists, but also social scientists—trying to understand history, society, anthropology, and literature. And for that which we could not explain because it was too complicated, we developed philosophy: the philosophy of history, the philosophy of science, the philosophy of any field. And when we had no explanations, we used religion to explain: it was God’s will, or, the Devil made me do it, etc.
 We are not so ignorant anymore. We do not accept what is. We try to change the world, believing we know or should know what to do. But different people interpret phenomena differently, and now we do not agree on what we know or what we should do. There is a conflict. Some of it in tragic proportions. And we are not that happy. Now we are knowledgeably unhappy.
 Eating from the tree of knowledge did not send us to hell, only to purgatory. To go to hell we need to eat from the second forbidden tree, the tree of life.
 We are starting to bite some of the fruit of that forbidden tree. We are creating life. Thus far only God knew how to create life. But we are developing technologies to clone animals, and soon people. We are reengineering our vegetables and wheat and fruit. And soon we will engineer what we want in a child. Not only the sex, but the DNA to get a desired appearance, the character we want, etc. We are replacing God in creation. And I believe we will end up in hell.
 Imagine the world with a nondying population, a nonaging population, surviving mostly on human implanted devices? Imagine this world . . .

 In the first chapter of the Old Testament, when God created humans, God commanded humans to go and rule the animals and the planet. But we did not stop there. Now we are challenging God.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes