Everything Is Nothing

March 11, 2022

The semantic differential—love/hate, hot/cold, day/night, black/white—is not two extremes. If you take one extreme and make it more and more and more and more extreme, it will become the beginning of the other extreme. 

Let's take an analogy from the planet. Earth is not flat. If you start from Los Angeles and go east and keep going east, you get to Japan. Continue going, now Japan is not on your east side, it's on your west side as you look at it from Los Angeles. It is as if there’s an imaginary line that, if you cross it, you get a mirror effect. Here is another example: If you cross the equator, what is on the north side? Winter is north. It is the summer below the equator. And what is winter below the equator is summer above the equator.

Look at a mirror. What is your right is the left of the mirror, and the left of the mirror is your right. It is as if the world is built of mirrors. The beginning of the extreme of everything is the beginning of nothing.

To me, it makes sense. If you have way too many balls in the air, they will wind up on the floor. You'll have nothing.

Where am I going with this? 

We have more and more work to do in the new world we live in. There are so many opportunities, so many threats. There is so much to do with the information avalanche, with the number of emails we get. Some of them are not spam; just information we get from multiple sources. If we try to address everything, we end up with nothing,  meaning we have no life. We get up in the morning, we start working, and before we know it, it's evening. Another day is gone. Another week, month, year has gone by and we don't have our life. That's why God has given us the Sabbath to stop and do nothing, and when we do nothing, we start to discover everything. We discover our family, trees in our garden, flowers, children. LIFE. And we discover ourselves. Now, if we make nothing extreme and every day is a Saturday—seven days a week doing nothing—do we have everything? Yes, we have all the time in the world to do whatever we want. But then, this everything, having all the time in the world produces nothing

Do not go to any extremes. Success is in moderation in whatever we do .

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes