Who Are The Real Heroes?

March 29, 2024

People who are committed and willing to give everything for an idea, a goal, or a purpose, to the point of self-sacrifice, are considered heroes. However, for every person committed to idea A, there are others equally committed to the opposing idea B. These opposing sides engage in conflict, and the more committed they are, the bloodier the confrontation. Each side is willing to sacrifice lives, preferably those of the other party, for their beliefs.

The more committed and inflexible we are, the more we reside in our brains and the less in our hearts. These so-called heroes, in their pursuit of what they have in their heads, destroy what we should cherish in our hearts.Consider the Gulags, Fascism, and blind nationalism.

People who are not fixed on any ideology or convictions, and who are open to learning from others, are often considered wishy-washy. However, they are the ones who build our world. They are open to diversity and by learning from others, they create synergy which leads to growth. These are the people who don't just live in their heads but also have a heart. They respect others.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes