On Life and Death

June 30, 2021

We can love or hate someone, even after they die. Or sometimes, their love or hate continues in their disciples. Compare Jesus to Hitler. Jesus’s love continues. And Hitler’s hatred continues, too.

 When we physically die, we leave a particular spirit behind us that continues to impact the world we left behind. How long it continues depends on how strong our message of love or hate was. Life persists, but not the way we experienced it when we were physically alive. It endures with our spirit, and feelings are the door through which we enter the spiritual world.

 We cannot be spiritual and not feel. It continues with how we made people feel during our physical life and how people continue to feel about the message, the system of values we leave when we depart.

 Our life after our physical death is one of feeling, not thinking, not one of physical existence but of consciousness. After our physical demise, we continue to be alive through those whom we loved or hated or through those who love or hate us. We are what we do to others and how they feel about it. And that is what is left alive when we physically depart.

 Life continues. Differently.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes