Whom to Love and in What Sequence?

November 27, 2020



Religions, political parties, businesses, have a symbol, a brand symbol.  The Christians have the Cross. The Jews the Star Of David. The Nazis the  Swastika. Moslems the emerging moon. I have an illumination what it could be for humanity, regardless of religion, color of the skin, culture,  political affiliation or sexual preference.


When we clasp our hands in a prayer and bow to each other, what could it mean?


We know that the right brain is related to the left hand and the left brain is related to the right hand. In clasping our hands in a prayer we are asking God to integrate our mind. Integrate ourselves.


What about the mudra, taking the thumb and putting it together with the pointing finger. What could the mudra symbolize?  


The pointing finger symbolizes to me the masculine energy: ordering where to go, what to do etc. The thumb touches all the other fingers. It makes five fingers into a hand. Without a thumb there is no hand. A thumb to me symbolizes feminine energy. It is the woman that makes a house a home, integrate the family. For me, the mudra, bringing the pointing finger together with the thumb,  symbolize Integration of the family.


Now what about an extended hand, fingers clasped together. You see it in church. The saints hold their hand pointed at us , fingers clasped together. What do you see? Different size fingers together. In the Middle East it is called the Hamsa. It is a blessing.  What should that symbolize? Be different but together. That applies to society, to the community, to the world at large.


Now imagine the following greeting: hands together in a prayer, followed by a mudra and then by an expended hand with fingers clasped together.  That will communicate: Integrate yourself first, integrate your family next and then integrate humanity. That is the right sequence.


What does integration mean? What is absolute integration? LOVE!!! .

Love yourself first, your family next, followed by loving  humanity, the world.


Many people dedicate themselves first to the country, while  they or their family is  falling apart. Or they love their country but hate people. The racist for example. The sequence has to be right. First, put yourself together, then integrate  your family and only then integrate  the community, the country, and eventually the world. Integration, love, should be from the inside out. The wrong sequence is at best wishful thinking.


Just thinking,

Ichak Kalderon Adizes


Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes