What Is Real

September 1, 2023

I do not understand the new craziness called NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Some young people designed the globe on the computer and are selling lots on this imaginary globe. And people are buying. And an artist put his piece of digital art on the internet and sold NFTs of his art.

I do not know what is it that they own. This artist got a million dollars for the NFT in less than an hour. Is this purchase real?

What is real?

Some news, we are told, are not? Some trees are not. I remember coming to Los Angeles and being shown a street with plastic trees. Yes, plastic trees. Real trees cannot survive there because of the pollution. And then there are plastic flowers. And plastic people. They smile. Are very civilized. They even laugh and show that they care but you can feel it is not real. They are not genuine. And how about not real meat? And in Israel, they showed me they are coming up with milk made by a computer, not a cow. How about fake love? Fake parents? Fake children?

What is real????

With virtual reality and holograms, I am told by people who are in the field, the day will come when you will be looking at a person and not know if this person is really in front of you or if it is a hologram. Come to think of it I am glad I am 85. I do not look forward to living in a fake world, enjoying fake experiences.

I advised some developing countries to keep what they have untouched and charge a fortune for people to get a visa to come and visit. Anything real is going to be extremely valuable because the fake is taking over the world.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes