More on Happiness

August 19, 2021

Children run, jump, and look happy. Old people do not move much and feel cranky.
 Is there a message? I believe so. It has to do with energy.
 When we have no energy, we feel tired, moody, unhappy. What gives us energy and what depletes our energy? The answers might tell us what will make us happy or unhappy.
 When we have an orgasmic experience with a person we love and are loved by, we feel a surge of energy. In an orgasm we lose ourselves and for the few seconds it lasts, we do not know our name, who we are, or where we are. We are integrated with the universe. We lose ourselves in something we cannot describe.  Exercise, when it is over, makes us feel better, too. In exercising, all parts of the body cooperate. They integrate.   If you are an organized person, you will feel unhappy if the house or the workplace is a mess. What else causes us to feel unhappy? Conflicts that rob us emotionally and keep us from feeling at peace.
 Please note the common denominators: Integration gives energy. Disintegration depletes energy. Integrated people, I suggest, are more content with their lives and thus happier than people who are falling apart—physically, mentally, socially, or economically.
 Change causes disintegration, and as change is accelerating more and more people are falling apart and feeling unhappy. The fastest-growing mental disease in the modern world is depression.
 What to do?
 You cannot stop change which is causing disintegration.  Invest instead in reintegrating yourself, exercising, eating healthy food, and having lots of friends you really trust and love with whom you share  lots of laughter, and keep your family together.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes