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Тест И. Адизеса на личный стиль управления и склонность к менеджменту

Тест состоит из 48 вопросов и показывает ваш личный стиль управления. Тест определяет склонность к 4 ключевым функциям менеджмента: производство результатов (Р), администрирование (А), предпринимательство (Е), интеграция (I). Ссылка на бесплатный онлайн тест в конце статьи, а сейчас подробнее о методике тестирования.


Lo importante es estar conscientes de que somos proclives a equivocarnos y si cometemos errores, también debemos ser capaces de aprender de ellos. Los errores deben asumirse como una genuina oportunidad de aprendizaje, lo que no se vale es cometer el mismo error repetidamente.Por otro lado, constantemente debemos cuestionar nuestras decisiones ya que asumir que siempre estamos en lo correcto puede resultar bastante peligroso.Al respecto, los invito a reflexionar sobre un texto que mi amigo y consultor Ichak Adizes compartió hace un tiempo conmigo.No existe el error.

Turning Crisis into Opportunity - The Leadership Challenge

The question of how to manage in a time of crisis, and specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic, requires an analysis of the roots of the crisis. How did this happen? We need to have the answer to this question so that we know how to handle it. Time and space started with the Big Bang. The explosion resulted in the creation of multiple sub-systems. The universe became one big web of sub-systems. In this universe, every system is part of a bigger one. There is a hierarchy of systems that have to collaborate horizontally and vertically for the total system to operate. ...

Anal izando los Extremos

Como la tierra es redonda, también las diferencias son redondas. Comienza desde Los Ángeles y ve al este, cada vez más y más y podrías terminar de vuelta en Los Ángeles. Si llegas al odio extremo, podrías experimentar el comienzo del amor. Lo sabemos a partir del síndrome de Estocolmo, donde los prisioneros se enamoran de su guardián. Y si vas al extremo del amor, podrías experimentar el comienzo del odio. Es por eso que las peleas más extenuantes y dolorosas se dan entre las personas que antes eran amantes o, entre hermanos, hermanas, padres e hijos que solían amarse.


Never disempower yourself. We need to unite with the Guru, with the human Master. We might choose to practice the rituals of a religion, but not at the cost of nullifying ourselves or, worse, not listening to God’s will communicated directly to us through the heart when we meditate.

Change and Its Repercussions for the Banking Industry

Changes have always existed but their speed and frequency have become rather apparent. Changes are present in all areas of life, but here we focus on those happening in the banking industry. Banks are undergoing revolutionary changes and they must change or perish in their present form. The article explains why banks must change and what are the threats to both asset and liability sides they would face otherwise. Changes result in modifications of strategies, organizations and management. The article concludes that banks that are the most flexible and able to adapt will win the day.

When Teamwork doesn't work

It is not always true that companies suffer under autocratic management. Companies in their infancy, or in deep trouble, require a strong arm to keep them on course. A participative management approach at this stage may be inappropriate.

Learn to work together

In his book, Corpora Lifecycles: How and Why Corporations Grow and Die and What to Do About It, Ichak Adizes introduced the concept that all companies go through predictable stages of growth. His latest book, Mastering Change: The Power of Mutual Trust and Respect emphasizes his belief that "You have to learn how to work well with a variety of people if you want your company (or your personal life), to operate at its peak.