Following God

May 20, 2022

I got this insight in a restaurant that had a big sign on the wall. The sign read: “We will not feed you anything we would not feed our children.”

I thought to myself: If they care for me as much as they care for their children, I am a customer for life.

Now about God.

All religions, I think, teach that we are the children of God. So now, imagine if we actually conducted ourselves like God and viewed every other human being as our own child. We would not hurt our children no matter what, right? We might get angry. We might punish. But kill? I doubt it.

What I am saying is this: We should consider every human being to be our child rather than a brother or sister—as many spiritually oriented people address each other—because brothers and sisters fight. When siblings fight it can be more vicious and tragic than any other type of confrontation. A normal, healthy parent will not treat their child as harshly, to the point of knowingly abusing them.

So just close your eyes. Imagine. Every human being is your son or daughter. Would you enter into a time of war? Would you kill? Would you rape?

I am looking for a way to make us conscious that we are one. ONE!!! One big human family.

We have been the recipients of this very message for hundreds of years, but we have not been listening. Sometimes the message comes in the form of our hurt, our tragedies, as if God is saying, “How much do I have to hurt you to make you see? To make you hear? YOU ARE ONE."

Think of the history of pandemics. The time span from one to the next over the last five hundred years has steadily shrunk. From Cholera to the Spanish flu, it was approximately one hundred years. From Spanish flu to Ebola, less than eighty years. From Ebola to Sars, around ten years. And within just a few more years we had H1N1 and now Covid. We have been riding the waves of Covid since the beginning of 2020, from one variant to the next, with no time interval. They dovetail with each other, continuously evolving and mutating.

This pandemic will stop only when the last one of us is not a carrier. Until then, I believe there will always be a new mutation emerging somewhere on the globe. And as we know, mutations and variants sail across borders with ease. Viruses do not know borders, only humans know borders. Borders do not exist in nature. The microbes, and the air, and the water are telling us this; but we do not listen, and we die. And we kill. And we destroy each other.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes