How to manage a contemporary higher education institution?

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Text: Virginijus Kundrotas

Dean of Adizes Graduate School (USA),Vice president of Adizes Institute (USA), EuropePresident of BMDA – Baltic Management Development Association, Lithuania,CEEMAN Vice President

What should a well established educational institution look like or how should it be managed?There are opinions that educational institutions are so different to compared to business or non-governmental organisations that they should also need to be managed differently. Even if the difference specifically exists, the basic principles of management remain the same. Let’s look at it through the consulting methodology of Dr. Ichak Adizes (USA), an internationally known management thinker and implementer.The methodology of Dr. Adizes is based on the functional approach to management. Following that approach, any well-managed organisation or educational institution should perform four basic roles.To download the full article, click here: How to Manage a Contemporary Higher Education Institution

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Dr. Ichak Adizes
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