The Theory of Everything

June 11, 2021

Edited transcription of the video presentation delivered to Mis. Eva Haller, Salon date June 5th, 2021

The theory

What happened when the Big Bang occurred? Time and space started. What was there before the Big Bang? There must have been something that was not time and space bound because both started with the Big Bang. What is it? It cannot be nothing. Nothing cannot create everything. I think it was energy because energy is neither bounded by time nor by space.
Energy can be destructive or constructive.
What will make energy to be constructive, to create the universe? To be constructive, I suggest there must be two conditions: there must be diversity of elements that complement each other and there must be a “manual”, a “procedure “, how the elements interact for creation to happen.  
Example: I bring sugar, you bring water, and together, following a recipe, we make Coca-Cola. If we don't contribute, how are we going to create anything? And the contribution has to come from a diversity of inputs: If I bring water and you bring water, we are not going to create anything. And there must be a reason why we contribute. One way or another we will benefit from the Coca-Cola we made together.
Analogy to the human body: Different organs perform different functions that support each other; The kidney could not survive without the blood stream feeding it and the blood stream would not work, be functional, if serving other organs, if the lungs would not bring oxygen into the system, etc. Each organ, subsystem, is performing a function for the benefit of the total system and if the functions cooperate, the system works, and each organ survives.

Do all diversities work well?
A diversity of elements will succeed to serve the system well only if each element of the system can perform its particular function without destructive interference of other elements. The liver is not trying to do the job of the kidney, and the kidney is not trying to do the job of the lungs, and the lungs are not trying to do the job of the heart. They “recognize” each others functional uniqueness and do not interfere with each others functionality. In human interaction it is called mutual respect. Immanuel Kant, the philosopher says that respect is when we recognize the sovereignty, the undeniable right, of the other party to think differently. While in human interaction it is recognized as mutual respect I do not know what it is called in natural sciences. I will call it MR.  

When there is mutual respect, there is learning. We learn from an exchange of diversity of opinions, diversity of knowledge. Learning however will occur only if we respect the right of others to think differently. If there is no diversity, there will be no learning. If two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary. If there is diversity but no respect that the other view has something to contribute, there will be no learning.
Learning means that something new has been created. Synergy occurred: 2 times 3 is not 6. The interaction of diversity created added value, synergy, and 2 times 3 is now 7 or more.  But synergy will happen not only if there is diversity and there must be MR for the diversity to express itself, for the exchange of knowledge, capabilities, functionalities to happen. Then and only then synergy will occur.

While diversity with MR can create synergy, it is not necessarily predictable that it will happen unless there is reason for the elements to cooperate. There must be a common interest.
The diverse subsystems exchange information and perform functions if they have a common interest to serve the system they pertain to and in return they benefits from the functioning system.  There will be symbiosis.
Since there is a time lag between when contribution to the system occurs and when the benefits are realized, there must be Mutual Trust.  Take the analogy of paying taxes. I pay taxes to the system so that the system will have better education, health, and security, from which I benefit. But in order for me to do that, I have to trust the system. If the system is corrupt, I am not going to contribute? We serve each other if there is mutual trust. In nature I will call this consciousness, MT.  

Conclusion: Energy is constructive when it is symbergetic, symbiotic and synergetic. If there is only symbiosis without synergy, there are benefits of belonging to the system. The elements are “milking the system” not building it.  If there is only synergy but no symbiosis, there is an exchange, learning is occurring, but it is not being shared. Without the contributing elements benefiting eventually from their contribution to the system, their interest will wane off and the system will eventually collapse.
What makes energy symbergetic in human endeavors is called Mutual Trust and Respect. In nature I call it MT&R.
MT&R is a consciousness, an algorithm, a formula, that makes energy symbergetic, that makes energy to be constructive. If there is no Mutual Trust and Respect, energy is barren, infertile and eventually will become destructive (See forthcoming argument explaining why) .
The Universe is a huge web ecosystem. It is composed of diverse subsystems that complement each other. In the business world, as an example, there is marketing, whose contributing function is different from sales, which is different from production, which is different from accounting, which is different from human resources. They all complement each other to make the company work well. If one of them is not functioning, the company will be suffering.
The diverse subsystems complement each other, collaborate, and cooperate to serve the system they pertain to in order to survive and grow. Each subsystem is contributing and is benefiting from the system it contributed to.  What makes it work is mutual trust and respect. Without diversity based on mutual respect and commonality of interest, the common good, based on mutual trust, the system is dysfunctional, it will disintegrate.

Energy to be constructive, needs diversity and common interest. A hand is an analogy. Different fingers working together, that's what makes a hand. If the fingers are not different, you would not have a hand, you will have a paralyzed hand. We need diversity working together for a common interest. What is diversity? Competition. What's common interest? Cooperation. Diversity and commonality are in conflict.

For cooperation we need a regulated society. For competition we need a market economy based on the recognition of capital as values creator.  And what is cooperation? Recognize the value of creation of labor. Socialism.  What do we need? Both. Values-driven capitalism.

Only sharing of the bounty, without growth, no good. And growth without sharing is not good either. As Churchill said, capitalism is an unequal distribution of wealth and socialism is an equal distribution of poverty. What is needed is symbiosis and synergy. Together. A symbergetic system. A values-based capitalism. Capitalism with consciousness.

The Prime Minister of Macedonia once said to me, “You Americans are very smart. You have the Republicans and the Democratic parties. The Republicans build the economy, the Democrats share it. If you had only the Republicans, there would be a huge differentiation in income. And if you had only the Democratic party, the economy would not be growing as much.” We need both parties working well together.
Symbergy is achieved in the market economy with competitive diversity, respecting each other's right to compete, thus anti-trust laws; Respecting each other’s right to compete. A monopoly does not respect, it takes over and suffocates competition.  Market economy trusts the hidden hand to realize common interest. That's Adam Smith. Let the market work, it will find the common interest regulating itself. What's happening now is that the hidden hand is becoming more and more obvious. It is not a hidden hand anymore, it's a government hand trying to manage the common interest.

How about political parties that don’t accept diversity: Communism, Fascism. They use the democratic system to suffocate democracy. No mutual respect. In my theory, it should be forbidden. We should not allow that which destroys what we want to build.

How about religions that are missionary: our way or no way. Radical Islam: anybody who is not a Muslim, we’ll behead. Where is the mutual respect here? How about the Catholic church during the Inquisition?

Now, let's apply this theory to the planet earth.
Humanity is a subsystem of the planetary system. There are other subsystems: water, air, fauna, flora. Do we have a common interest with them? Are we serving or exploiting the other subsystems on the planet? Do we recognize the right of others to exist? Is there mutual trust and mutual respect? How about genetic engineering? How about cloning?

Without diverse inputs, learning from each other with mutual respect, having a commonality of interest, the common good based on mutual trust, the system will be dysfunctional, it will disintegrate. Like bringing an alien fish into the lake. It does not recognize the right of others; it takes over and destroys the ecosystem. Or bring an alien weed into your garden that does not belong to this ecosystem. It just takes over and destroys the garden, right?

Cancer does not recognize the right of other organs to be what they are. They want to make them what it is: every organ has to be cancerous too, that's how it spreads. Cancer takes energy not gives energy. Is humanity cancerous to the planet? Are we destroying the system we belong to by not practicing MT&R.

We need diversity. No specie survives on its own. Try being alone in an isolation cell. People commit suicide. Look what happened during Covid. People are depressed, there is a lot of suicides, divorces.

We need common interests. People will not pay taxes if they don't trust the system. Just imagine a pie that's not growing, now we are competing who is going to get a bigger piece of the pie. If you take a bigger piece of the pie, I will have a smaller piece of the pie and we are going to fight. We don't have a common interest. But, if I contribute to the pie, to make it bigger and in doing so I take a bigger piece of the pie then you will not object to it, it is okay. Because I made the pie bigger, there is more for you too.
If we perceive a growing pie, we will not fight entrepreneurs. If we perceive a fixed pie or declining pie, we will fight the entrepreneurs and try to destroy them and that's what's starting to happen in America, an anti-entrepreneurial spirit, anti-business spirit. Because the unspoken perception is that the pie is not growing anymore so all those that make lots of money are rejected.  Alexandra Ortiz from the US Congress, was interviewed and the interviewer said, “but those billionaires made it,” She said “they did not make it, they took it.” What does it mean? Fixed pie. They're not contributing, they're taking.

Let's apply this framework of thinking to personal life. When the organs and the cells exchange information and collaborate, there is MR. When they serve each other, when there is cooperation, there is MT. The system is synergistically integrated, it's healthy. When the organs stop exchanging information, the electrical system does not work, they stop collaborating, they stop serving each other, the system is disintegrating, it's unhealthy.

When you live in peace with yourself, comfortable in your own skin, able to learn from the disagreements that you have with yourself, respecting your own disagreements in your head so you learn from them, there is self-respect. And when you trust yourself to make a decision and not necessarily to follow all the time what other people tell you to do because you don't trust yourself, when you have self-respect and self-trust, there is self-esteem, you are mentally healthy. When you lose your self-esteem, you don't trust yourself, you don't respect yourself, you are falling apart, you’re not having it all together.

What is God? Where is God? What is God's will?
For energy to be constructive, we need diversity that serve each other, for which we need mutual respect but that is not enough. There must be reason to serving each other. For that there must be mutual trust that there is common good, that there is a common interest. If there is mutual trust and respect there will be mutual learning and mutual benefit, which will cause symbiosis and synergy, it will be a symbergetic system which is constructive.

MT&R makes energy to be symbergetic. When the symbergetic energy is applied to a complementary diversity of elements, ongoing creation happens.
What are those elements of creation that the symbergetic energy that existed before the Big Bang activated to cause creation? I went to the Bible for an answer because I do not know physics nor chemistry. I am not claiming that the Bible is right or wrong. Just getting some insights there. Here is the first chapter of the Old Testament.  “In the beginning, God created heaven and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness over the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God hovering over the waters… and God separated the light from darkness and God called the light day and the dark night.”

Let's interpret it.

Before the Big Bang creation, earth, water, air and light from the sun (energy) were already there, they were not created, they were there but in a mess, in a  tohu va vohu. There was earth. There was darkness, which is opposite of light, which is energy and air, “ruach elohim,” which literally means “wind of God,” air of God, they were all there. God did not create them. He separated light from darkness, and he gave them a name:  day separate from night. He separated water from below with the water from above, and water from earth. God was a manager, brought order to the mess.

The next verses are enlightening too: and God said "Let the land produce living creatures according to their kind and livestock they move along the ground and the wild animals each according to its kind." God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. What caused this separation, this order? Mutual Respect. Respect the sovereignty of each other to be different.

And God said “Let's us make mankind in our image, in our likeness so they may rule over the fish of the sea and the birds in the sky over the livestock and all the wild animals, all the creatures." So, God created mankind in his own image, male and female. This answers the question: is God male or female? God is both, energy is both plus and minus. Both male and female energies, complementary energies, are necessary for the creation. “And then God gave you seed bearing plants that will be your food, and I give you all of it for grain for food.” He gives every green plant for food: that is symbiosis.
For creation both symbiosis and synergy are necessary and for that MT&R is indispensable.

God is not a father in heaven. This concept I believe it's a remnant of the Zeus on Mount Olympus legacy, looking down on earth and having children with humans.

God has no shape and no form. God is an algorithm, a formula of consciousness (MT&R) that converts the ever-existent energy to become a symbergetically conscious energy which when applied to diverse complementary elements produces a continuous creation.

God is a password to a system that makes the operating system work. If the password does not work, the operating system does not work, and we have a broken computer. If we don't follow mutual trust and respect, we get a non symbergetic energy. It is destructive energy, and we have a broken system.
When Mutual Trust and Respect consciousness impregnates energy, it converts it to be a symbiotic and synergetic (a symbergetic) energy which when applied to diverse complementary elements makes creation to happen.

All creation is symbergetic.  Look at any organic system.  There is diversity of functions and commonality of interests. Synergy and symbiosis, mutual trust and respect. For instance, a forest is an ecosystem which cooperates and exchanges information. There is synergy and symbiosis in an ecosystem.

God is Love
And what is absolute mutual trust and respect? What is absolute unconditional integration? Which energetic consciousness has no limits and is based on absolute trust and respect, feeling of oneness, your pain is my pain, your happiness is my happiness, your interest is my interest, absolute trust and respect. What is it called? Love. And that's why the synonym name of God is love. It's absolute MT&R.

Love has no time and space limits. It is a symbergetic conscious energy and I suggest that all healthy creations are based on love. Look at a fine artist. They are not creating for the money. The moment an artist creates for money, it’s not fine art. It's commercial art. In fine art you do it because you can't help not to create, because you're in love with what you do.

The founder of a company is not starting a company to just make money. There are many other ways to make money and may be with less risk. He's doing it because he can't help it. He has a mission, he has a dream, he has a need that he identifies that he can fulfil. He is like a mother that want to have a baby, not because he's going to be a Nobel prize winner or is going to be a very famous scientist, but because she can't help not having one. She's in love.

Founders of countries, they sacrifice their life, they're in love with a mission. An innovator is in love with his innovation. All creation starts with love and God is the creator, and what enabled the energy to be constructive, creative, is symbergy and for that MT&R.

What is God then? MT&R consciousness which makes the energy to be symbergetic which when applied to complementary elements makes creation to happen.

How about destructive energy?  Is there a Devil in creation too?
If we do not recognize each other's right to be different, if we're not willing to learn from each other, if we're not willing to share with each other what we create together, the energy will be destructive, how?

While constructive energy contributes, destructive energy is self-centered, it takes instead of giving.
In destructive energy instead of diversity we have sameness and instead of exchange of information we have monopolization of information.  And instead of common interest we have destructive competitive interests. Instead of mutual trust there is mutual mistrust.  Instead of mutual respect there is mutual intolerance. Instead of learning there is ignorance, instead of mutual benefit there is exclusive self-serving behavior. What happened here? Instead of symbiosis, there is exploitation. Instead of synergy, we get deterioration.

On Love and Life
When there is absolute MT&R, absolute integration, symbergetic energy, love, there is no waste of energy. Without synergy, there is disintegration, hate, energy gets wasted because the system is not working. They're fighting each other, the energy is wasted on internal conflicts.
What does it tell you? Love prolongs life and hate shortens life. Look at people in love, shiny eyes, full with energy. Look at people that hate, they are like squeezed lemons. The more MT&R, the more love, the longer you live. Absolute mistrust and disrespect, absolute disintegration: hate. It wastes energy and you live a shorter life tan prescribed.

Are Love and Hate related?
You cannot create something new without replacing something old. The economist Schumpeter already said that.

Constructive and destructive energies are mirrors of each other. There is not plus without a minus, there is no masculine energy without feminine energy. They are not the opposite, they are one mirroring the other: Hot and cold, darkness and light, lit moon and dark moon, love and hate, God and devil. They are not opposites, one is the absence of the other; Darkness is a lack of light, hate is a lack of love, and the devil is there when there is no God. Since God is love and love is absolute, hate will emerge when there is love, no MT&R. Remove MT&R and you get hate.  What to do? Since one is the absence of the other, do not curse the darkness, lite the candle.  Do not hate, just love and hate will disappear. Follow God and there will be no devil.

On Destructive Destruction.
There is no creation without destruction but not every destruction is constructive. Destruction is constructive when it's done with mutual trust and respect.
But there is destruction that only destroys. Political ideologies, fanatic missionary religions, nationalism, racism, that exclude others. Sexual dominance, considering women as second class. They all have one common denominator: no MT&R. They're destructive without being constructive. These are the “weeds” that destroy the garden. These are the weeds that need to be removed from the system if the system is going to be healthy.

The impact of change
Change produces conflict because there are differences of opinion and interest on what the solution should be. Situations where problems have to be diagnosed, solved and the solution implemented challenge mutual trust and respect; The more change, the more difficulty to keep mutual trust respect because we have conflict of interest and opinions.

Because change is happening by itself, MT&R is in danger all the time and unless MT&R is actively, ongoingly nourished, MT&R, love, will atrophy. Love is a muscle. Just do nothing and your muscles will be atrophied. Just do nothing and hate will replace love.

Unless we actively build and nourish MT&R, as change is accelerating, MT&R is in danger more than ever before and anti-Semitism, racism, woman abuse, is on the rise.

Change can be constructive or destructive for better or for worse depending on whether our solution, our actions, are based on MT&R or not.  MT&R does not happen by itself.  It needs to be nourished. God has to be sought after. The devil happens by itself. There is nothing for you to do for the Devil to rule the show. Entropy happens by itself by doing nothing, just do nothing and hate will eventually emerge. Love needs to be continuously reinforced. As one of my clients said, “One honeymoon is not good enough for lifetime of marriage.”

Where is God?
Since all living systems are symbergetic, for which MT&R is necessary, God is everywhere and in everything; Symbergetic energy is everywhere and in everything. Everything alive is symbergetic, anything that has a life cycle. Now, the question: is God in a rock? It is alive. It has a life cycle. Old or new rocks… But it does not have MT&R consciousness. That is why it disintegrates.
A human that does not practice MT&R has no symbergetic consciousness is he human?
(Think Nazi Germany.)

So what is God?
God is an algorithm, an instruction of values: MT&R.

What is God’s will?
Honor each others differences, learn from each others differences, contribute, and share what you create together for the common good.  

Let us analyze how this conclusion applies to the Ten Commandments.
The first commandment says that God is one and only one. Full integration. In other words, there is only one algorithm. One fixed absolute value to follow.
2nd commandment: “You shall not worship a false God”. What are false Gods?  A false God is one that promotes intolerance and mistrust.  They are false Gods because God is mutual trust and respect.
3rd commandment: “You should never take my name in vain,” Don't break trust.
4th commandment: “Keep the Sabbath.”  What happens during a Sabbath? Integration of oneself. Of ones family, of ones community in a place of prayer. Integration.
5th commandment: “Honor your father and mother, so your life on earth will be longer.” Respect. Love prolongs life.
6th commandment: “Don’t murder”.  Murder happens when there is conflict of interest.  Have common interest. Trust.
7th commandment: “Don’t commit adultery”.  Do not break Trust and respect the sanctity of ones marriage.
8th commandment:  “No stealing”.  Practice Trust and Respect other people property and rights.
9th commandment: “No lying”. Do not break Trust.

To serve God means to practice MT&R.
Instead of praying and not taking responsibility for the social disintegration, for injustice, practice MT&R: Change what is causing you not to respect each others differences. Change what is causing not to trust each other and to contribute for the common good. In the Jewish religion it  is it called “Tikun Olam “  repair the world.
That is Gods will.

®Ichak Adizes, Ph.D., 2021

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes