Travel Report: Bioenergy Therapy in Slovenia and a Visit to Poland, June 2011

June 17, 2011

I have taken a four-day course how to do bioenergy therapy and followed it with three days of taking the therapy myself.Why did I do it? It was quite an investment for me to dedicate more than ten days to it and I am going back there to take step two training now.It started with me wanting to know how energy is used to heal a person. I wanted to see if I could learn something on how energy moves in an organization and how it can be used as well in my consulting.First, let me say that I have received more than I have expected. First I got rid, this time apparently for good, from the noise in my ear. And the pain in my toe that did not let me walk easily. But more than that, I saw with my own eyes what I would have labeled in the past as miracles.There was a woman from Israel who has been suffering for five years from whatever is the disease that makes a person's fingers bend and does not allow it to open its hand. And she could not move her toes. And not bend her knee. Her Israeli doctors gave her very strong medicines that she claimed she had such reaction to it that she prayed to die.He told her there was no cure to the disease and she needs to start using a wheel chair.“How did you get here?” I asked.“My daughter studies violin in Germany. Her boyfriend is a violinist with Berlin Philharmonic. He got the same disease I have and his career was over. He came here and he got cured and gave a concert on the last day of therapy. So my daughter told me to try too. “And yes. At the end of the four days therapy she was bending her knee. And she moved her toes. And she was crying with happiness.She will be back, she said, for more.There was a child about five years old. Has not spoken a word ever. After the therapy, she said good bye to everyone. She was so talkative we could not stop her.No, I am not dreaming. Nor am I smoking. Trust me I am in my full faculties.What is going on?All systems have energy. When there is a disturbance to the flow of energy a disease develops. Getting the energy to flow naturally back is what the healing is all about.And that is what we do in companies with the Adizes methodology.For the energy to flow naturally the therapist has to be a non-interfering conduit for the cosmic energy to go through and affect the patient.For that an Adizes Associate has to be without an ego. We are organizational healers; we remove whatever is blocking the flow of energy in an organization. That is why organizational structure and the flow of information (phases V and VI in the program) are so essential. And creating with the hard rules a climate in discussions where people feel safe to share and contribute respectfully their opinions.And we should remember. We are not doing the healing. The company is doing its own healing. We just provide the tools for them to do it.And I learned more.As organizational healers, we need to be relaxed; otherwise, we use the energy for ourselves. It does not help our clients. The rule in bioenergy healing we should adapt is that if as a consultant you do not feel well, you are bothered by some personal issues or whatever which take your mind away, better do not do any work at this time. To be a good conduit of energy one has to be happy, relaxed, and trusting that the healing will happen, if you allow it to happen.There is more to it but I think it is better if I wait for the experiences to settle and I can reflect on them.PolandOn June 7, I flew to Warsaw, Poland. I was going to give a lecture there on Thursday. I had Wednesday free and I went to Treblinka, which is about two hours drive from Warsaw. This is the extermination camp where my grandfather, grandmother, my three uncles, three aunts and my cousins, age 13 and 6, were murdered.The visit was very emotional for me. I went there to say Kadish, the prayer for the dead that we Jews recite when we bury our dead.The tourist guide led me around the grounds from where the train stopped to where the victims were taken to their death. I walked every step of the way trying to imagine the last steps my family took.The guide described to me how 800,000 Jews were murdered in less than two years in this camp.They were taken directly from the train to a building where car fumes were piped in. They did not die from it. It takes hours to die from these fumes. They just kind of fainted. Then, still alive, they were taken out and put on a layer of wood, horizontally, than another group vertically, like you would lay wood, dozed with gasoline, started a fire and let the people still alive burn for hours; The fires were fed with the human fat.The earth where the burning was done is still dark. It is ashes. Human ashes. Over sixty years later. The earth further away is brown, but there in the pits it is still black.Obviously I came back to the hotel in a terrible physical state from the experience. Practically fainted.What can we learn from it? What?The mind goes numb. Paralyzed in trying to explain the kind of brutality humans are capable of carrying out.There is a small museum at Treblinka. There are pictures of the Nazi guards and of the commandant of the camp. They look so ordinary. So clean and friendly. Smiling. Very civilized. Someone I could easily socialize with. They even look attractive. And than there are pictures of nude women with their babies in their hands being led to the gas chamber, by those good looking, civilized looking man.Do you know what crossed my mind?Is not that what we do to chicken and to cows and pigs?And than I remembered what I learned in the bio energy class.Animals are intelligent enough and sensitive enough to know when they are going to be slaughtered. They can hear the crying of other animals as their throats are being cut out. As they know their death is coming, their body reacts and they release stress hormones into their body. These stress hormones stay there, and that is what we eat. And that is what gives us cancer.Yes, cancerI am definitely more of a committed vegetarian now than ever. When I see meat, I think about the slaughtered animals crying in despair as they await their death...What an experience on this trip. First, learning about life. Then about death.Wish you all well.Sincerely,Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes