Abusing Anti-Semitism

January 16, 2015

One of the laws of economics is that if you flood the market with printed money, the value of that money will decrease.This law I believe applies to what is happening with Israel’s ubiquitous claims of anti-Semitism.Israel sees itself as a victim of anti-Semitism each time it gets criticized for how it is handling the Palestinian conflict. Even when the criticism is justified. As a result, the cry of anti-Semitism has a reduced value as a deterrent. Israeli government employs the words as if to shield itself and deflect any criticism.Having the Holocaust as a ready-made explanation to its actions, and anti-Semitism as an excuse why it does not need to heed to criticism, puts Israel in denial to take constructive steps to ameliorate the situation. On the contrary, it eases the country’s slide to self-destruction.I am deeply disturbed by what is happening there. And my sentiment is not fed by foreign anti-Semitic biased media. I watch the Israeli news daily.The decisions the government is taking increasingly are ghettoizing Israel, insulating its citizens from the world and antagonize the Palestinian population to bellicose actions of despair. For instance, Arabic is not an equal language to Hebrew anymore but is recognized now as a second language. Nor do Jewish kids have to learn Arabic anymore; nor do they have to learn Muslim history and culture. It is leading, I believe, to further disintegration and mutual alienation.Israel has a serious security issue. True. The Sharia requires that believers be willing to die to remove the infidels from Arab land. No Palestinian leader is willing to go down in history as the one who gave up the land of Palestine to the infidel Jews. That is why any time the Palestinians get close to signing an agreement with Israel its leaders retreat and find an excuse to break off negotiations. Barak ceded practically everything that could have been offered to achieve peace. So did Olmert. And the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss the opportunity. Why? Because they have Sharia. Their “manual” that instructs them to go on a jihad and fight and die to free what they believe is their land. They are not allowed by their religion to settle.Period.There cannot be peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Let us stop living in a dreamland of illusions. There will be no peace till the Palestinians become more secular than religious, and that is not going to happen. On the contrary. Religion is becoming more and more the driving force in the Muslim world and the Palestinians are becoming more and more radical. Soon you will see ISIS flags in the Palestinian territories. And this global radicalization is not driven by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It accentuates it. It does not cause it. It is caused by the clash of values between Muslim world and the West.It is part of our human psychology that we cannot accept a problem without a solution. All problems must have solutions. Well, welcome to real life. Some problems do not have a solution. This is one. The “solution” is how to survive without a solution. Which means, yes, Israel has a serious security issue, but its actions are not making security better. They are aggravating the situation.How does making Arabic a second language improve security?How does humiliation at checkpoints make security better for Israel?Respect is a cornerstone of Arab culture. And we humiliate them left and right.Arab culture is attached to the land. Arabs are not primarily bankers. They are not internet entrepreneurs. They are people who plant olive trees and make olive oil and toil on their land. These are agricultural people, emotionally attached to their homes and the land in which they dwell. And what stance do the right wing Israeli settlers take? Swoop up the land. Burn the olive trees. Withhold permits for Palestinians to build new homes while Israelis get permission in the thousands to expand their settlements.How the hell does this help the security of Israel?How does it help security to give a fraction of a fraction in municipal services in health, education and a sewer system to East Jerusalem where the Arab population lives, while the Jewish side flourishes?The Palestinians see it. They are not blind. They work on the Jewish side of the line. They build those homes for Jewish settlers while they cannot build a home for their own expanding family.How, please tell me, does this help the security of Israel?So, yes I am aware of what the security issue is. But what does that have to do with making the life of the Arabs we have “adopted” by default miserable? Or is it that we take the land but not the people.I am not anti-Semitic….I am pessimistic………More than thinking, actually praying…..Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes