Combating Anti-Diversity

December 19, 2014

We are all in the midst of a third world war, except we do not recognize it by that name because it is different in nature from the previous world wars. Then it was between nations; today we are confronted with a war between religions. It is a war between world-wide radical Muslims and Judeo Christian nations. It is a war of values. (Professor Huntington from Harvard made this point in an article in Foreign Affairs).I have claimed, however, and continue to claim that it is not very different from the previous world wars. There is a common denominator. All the wars were waged by those who believe and support diversity against those that negate and fight against it. Not strange at all that Stalin signed an alliance with Hitler; and that Japan joined Hitler. The same reasoning applies to Mussolini as well.It was democratic regimes that believe in diversity against totalitarian regimes that prohibit it. And that is what is happening now too, only it is Muslim extremists who reject diversity on religious grounds pitted against nations whose religions allow and support different views, beliefs and behaviors.This schism has a long history. It was also between Athens and Sparta in ancient times.So nothing is new except “the cost” of the confrontation is escalating. Just imagine what will be the scenario when (not if) the radical Muslims get their hands on tactical nuclear devices….How might we defeat those who are against diversity?Let us analyze the dynamics of those that hate diversity.I contend that belief in diversity or non-diversity is an organic concept. It is not fixed. Either belief either grows or decays. Those against diversity always find something that is different; they do not stop rejecting others.Take, for example, the Nazis. They started against the Jews. Then they were attacking and criminalizing gays. Then their fists were raised against the communists. Then another addition to the enemies list: those who were not pure enough Nazis.And so it continued.The circle whom to reject becomes bigger and bigger and who is acceptable smaller and smaller. They do not simply reject one group and stop. There is always one more person who differs by something that gets to be demonized and the differences and “faults” become smaller and smaller.The government of Canada realized this and took a historic step by signing the Ottawa Protocol to Combat Anti-Semitism. As Prime Minister Stephen Harper has noted: "Those who would hate and destroy the Jewish people would ultimately hate and destroy the rest of us as well."If anti-diversity sentiment is not fixed but organic, it gives me an insight how to combat the phenomena.If we isolate and insulate dictatorial regimes, those that oppose diversity, and do not allow them to spread, what will happen? They will start destroying themselves from within. They will find inside their own ranks diversity, and since they oppose it, they will start fighting each other.Look at radical Muslims. Shia against Sunnis. And if one of them wins, I believe they will find internal differences that they will begin to reject as well. And by doing so self-destruct.I believe that is how the Soviet Union collapsed. It was isolated, and Stalin and his followers attacked more and more those they considered not loyal enough and eventually the country crumbled.Just thinking.Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes