Reacting to the news: The Flotilla to Gaza

June 11, 2010

The facts are well known: a flotilla of boats was attempting to break the sea blockade of Gaza.Israel offered to take the flotilla to an Israeli port to check the content of the boats, to assure itself it does not contain ammunition and if not, to allow the content to proceed on land to Gaza.What was illegitimate in the Israeli demands?Only last month it was reported that Syria provided Scud missiles to the Hizballah. Missiles that can reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.Without a blockade Iran can and will arm the Hamas to the point that Israeli life will become a continuous nightmare: terror on the streets and missiles dropping on schools. Endless warfare well supported by enemies sworn to wipe Israel from the map.Which country in the world would allow an unchecked shipment to be carried to its enemy whose public charter commits itself to the destruction of that country, an enemy who walks its talk by daily bombarding the country?How come the world public opinion is against Israel?I am in Moscow now and the news announced that on the question is Israeli action justifiable by its security needs, 79 percent responded with a "no."Is the world nuts?Ah the easy explanation, always ready and never fails to explain anything we the Israeli consider illogical or unfair: Antisemitism.If I had the power of a magic wand, I would forbid using antisemitism as an explanation.Ever.I am not naive. I know there is antisemitism. I experienced it and still do, and still I would forbid it from being used to explain our difficulties.Why?Because attributing anything we do not like to antisemitism puts all of the responsibility on others, the so called antisemites, and we Israelis do not have to take any action to ameliorate our continuously declining standing in the world.Here is what I think caused the world to turn against Israel in spite of Israel having reasonable right to inspect the flotilla.The world feels MORE pity for the poor unemployed starving Palestinians in Gaza than for the security fears of the mighty Israel.It is an emotional reaction. Not a cold calculating logical reaction.The world identifies with the underdog.Israel warned the organizers of the flotilla not to proceed because Israel will not allow the unchecked shipment to be delivered. But how come those warnings never made it to any media? I read daily the New York Times and rarely miss a newscast from CNN. Where were the warnings? It is a story the media likes. There is tension. Danger. Still nothing. Nada.Where are the pictures of the kassam missiles dropping on Israeli schools and the fear that the flotilla might be carrying more dangerous longer range missiles?Where are the demonstrations on the streets of Tel Aviv requesting the Israeli government to stop the flotilla?Not all demonstrations are spontaneous. Many are staged by governments to get attention.Where are the interviews with Israeli mothers expressing fear?How come we did not prepare the world to what inevitably happened and create some sympathy for our action?Israeli PR stinks and stinks so badly that the word "stinks" does not do it justice.Israel has one explanation: antisemitism. As if saying : There is nothing we can explain. It won't work. The world hates us. Period. They won't listen. Why try.Another explanation is that we hate showing that we are weak. We have been weak for two thousand years. We will not cry anymore or ever again. We will be strong and defend ourselves and never show fear.But one that shows no fear when fear is due is arrogant and that is what the world opinion is reacting to.How convenient to have antisemitism as an explanation that does not require you to do anything. And how dangerous.Israel is ignoring world opinion to its peril. It is the world opinion, sympathetic to the plight of Jews after the Holocaust that made the world vote for Israel's establishment. It is the world opinion now that will not support Israels needs for security. It can bring it to its demise.Sincerely,Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes