The New Man

June 1, 2017

This blog post was featured in the Huffington Post on May 31, 2017.I recently overheard a woman’s reaction to Barak Obama’s farewell talk: “This is a real man,” she said excitedly. “That is how a man should be: Sensitive. Caring. Considerate. See how he admires his wife.”

I consider Obama very (I), to use my (PAEI) code. He leads from behind, which is quite a feminine trait.

Obama is sensitive, laid back, and very socially conscious. His main strategy in resolving conflicts is not to be confrontative but accommodating. To me those are feminine traits because, for thousand of years, it was women who had to keep the family together as men went to war, fighting for survival and to feed the family.

Michelle Obama, on the other hand, I perceive as the one with the masculine energy. She even calls herself the CEO of the family. What happened with the man wearing the pants in the marriage?

Her speeches are hard hitting, direct, clear, and focused. She does not show a tendency to accommodate.

Apparently the traits desirable in a man and in a woman are changing. I think we are going through a major shift in our civilization: men are becoming more feminine, sensitive, and appearing weak, as women take charge and dominate.

Women today look for feminine traits in men. Do men look for masculine energies in women? I believe it is just the opposite: Men feel those women are castrating them. This insecurity is causing difficulties in couples, and is probably a major source of friction in families, leading to high divorce rates.

The birth-control pill facilitated women becoming more masculine. Take charge rather than be subservient to her man. Women can control how many children they will have, if at all. The automatization of housework also freed them from slaving away in the home. Eating out is becoming the dominant behavior in modern families, especially when entertaining guests.

Women are now free to pursue a career. Their role is not to be at home to support a career-crazed husband. Women want a career for themselves and look for a man who will support them at home.

Back to Barak and Michelle Obama: My observation is that the people who did not like President Obama it was because they thought he was weak. And who liked him with a passion? Women. They voted him into the White House. They identified with his style and admired Michelle, who is the manifestation of the women they want to be.

I believe (and do not forget, you read it here first) that the next president will be Michelle Obama. She is a woman with masculine qualities, as well as values, conscience, and care for humanity. She will not be able to stay on the sidelines as Donald Trump pushes his agenda of stepping on the weak and destroying the legacy of her husband. In four years her children will be out of the house and she will be itching to do something valuable. You will see.

Women and men are no longer identifiable by their sexual organs, but by the energy they exhibit.

Just thinking,

Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes