What is Truth

March 22, 2014

Is there “Absolute Truth"?The expected answer is: for sure!Science is all about finding and proving The Truth.But Newton physics was the truth only at its time. It is challenged today. So is Einstein's theory of relativity.So, is there an absolute sustainable truth?I would say the truth is any conceptagreedupon by all humanity at a point in time. It is sustainable only if and when we can freeze time.Assume we assembled every human being into one large hall. They debated the meaning of x and came to an agreement. And then time froze. Nothing could change. I would say they found THE truth on that subject.Since time cannot be frozen, and all humanity cannot debate a subject and arrive at a consensus, there is no absolute truth. Only subjective and temporary truth.I am always intrigued when a person in a debate claims a monopoly over truth. “That is the truth", he asserts.We do not know what the truth is. No one knows. We each have our own belief about what constitutes the truth. But that belief can change over time or when confronted with compelling arguments.All "truths" are subjective. Absolute truth is a theoretical construct which will never be realized.If you agree with the above it should make you more flexible, open to opposite points of view, during an argument.You cannot and should not sequester yourself in a “bunker of self-righteousness."Sincerely,Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes