Who is perfect?

September 11, 2020

No one is perfect. We know that. Even God. God admitted he made a mistake when he brought the flood . It was a mistake because he realized he can not make people righteous no matter what threats he can bring to change them.
The people we think are close to perfect are those we don’t know well. Thus, proximity breeds contempt. Marriages can fall apart. When we were courting, we were in love. But love is infatuation—we either see no faults in the other person, or we ignore or justify them.
When we are married, reality sets in over time, and we start realizing the faults of the other person. Disappointment and disillusionment take place, which could lead to divorce.
What are our options?
The first option: do not fall in love so that you see only reality. A cruel solution. We live, cherish, and need love like air to breathe.
The second option: do not get close to people , do not know them well so you can live in a make believe world of perfection. Another cruel solution that leads to living in solitude.
The right solution is to appreciate the fact that we can learn from each other’s differences. If instead of focusing on a person’s faults, we can focus on their strengths that complement our weaknesses and appreciate what the other person contributes.
This is done with love.
We like others because of their strengths. We love in spite of their weaknesses.

Just thinking,

Ichak Adizes

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes