This blog post was featured in the Huffington Post on May 18, 2016.One day, I was walking with a friend of mine along the beach. I was holding my dog tightly on a leash, but he kept pulling hard towards any and every dog coming towards us. It was becoming difficult to control him.My friend said, ”Why don’t you let him off the leash?”“What?” I was surprised at the suggestion. “He will attack all the dogs he has been struggling to reach. The leash restrains him.”“Just the opposite,” he said. “When a dog is on a leash, it feels weak. It proactively tries to scare the other dog from attacking it. If it is off the leash, it will run to the other dog, smell it, and continue running.”I took the leash off and voila, he was right. The dog was running around, smelling other dogs and going on his way.When we are weak, we proactively attack to prevent from being attacked. It makes sense. Evidence? The smaller the dog, the greater the barking.Why?Because it is scared.The Doberman Pinscher knows how strong it is and hardly ever barks. It is enough that he looks at me and lifts a fierce lip to show his teeth. It is enough. I get the message. No need to bark.It explains to me the expression: “Barking dogs do not bite.”Just stamp your foot at a noisy, barking dog and see it scramble to safety. It will retreat.Now try (I do not mean it literally) the same with a Doberman. You would not dare.The reason is obvious. The Doberman will bite you without making a sound.This insight brings me to think about people. The person who is speaking non-stop, interrupting other people, is usually insecure. And he does not bite. He is not to be found among the winners. He just barks a lot.The person you have to watch for is the quiet one. He possesses energy but conserves it. Speaks when absolutely necessarily and does not waste words. Shows confidence. Exhibits self assurance. He is wise because when he thinks of something stupid to say, he remains quiet. It is the barking ones who have no control over their mouth. They just yack, yack, yack, a lot and waste a lot of their own energy, often along with yours.Bark less. Do more.Just thinking.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes