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For more than forty years, Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes has developed, tested and documented the proprietary methodology that bears his name. The Adizes Methodology ...
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Whom to Love and in What Sequence?

Religions, political parties, businesses, have a symbol, a brand symbol. The Christians have the Cross. The Jews the Star Of David. The Nazis the Swastika. Moslems the emerging moon. I have an illumination what it could be for humanity, regardless of religion, color of the skin, culture, political affiliation or sexual preference.

The Benefits of Being “Superficial”

Those that study a point rather than the pattern know more and more about less and less till they know almost everything about almost nothing. Many of the “scientific” research reported in behavioral science journals prove a point that is operationally useless. I prefer to know something, about everything, shallow as it needs to be in order to see the pattern.

Decision Making vs Implementation

Many mistakes happen because people don't distinguish between the two different requirements. Here's an example. People might tell you, "It is a good decision” but they drag their feet to implement it. The decision will be at best, partially implemented or altered or not be implemented at all, or worse, implemented maliciously: they will sabotage the implementation. Where is the mistake? What is happening?

Turning Crisis into Opportunity: The Leadership Challenge

The question of how to manage in a time of crisis, and specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic, requires an analysis of the roots of the crisis. With the Big Bang time and space started and the universe became one big web of sub-systems that have to collaborate horizontally and vertically for the total system to operate.

On Truth and Justice

Truth and justice are related. I have my subjective truth I believe in, and you have your subjective truth you believe in. We have a debate: What is right, what is wrong. We discuss, we learn from analyzing the differences in our points of view and arrive at an understanding. ...

How to Finalize a Decision

There are three managerial styles that discuss a subject over and over and just cannot close the debate and bite the bullet. They cannot complete the final step in making a decision, that is, taking the decision. Type (A) type (I) and type (E).Type (A), the bureaucratic style,...

Who is perfect?

No one is perfect. We know that. Even God. God admitted he made a mistake when he brought the flood . It was a mistake because he realized he can not make people righteous no matter what threats he can bring to change them. The people we think are close to perfect are those we...

On Fear and Anger

How did it happen that the prophet Daniel walked into the lions cage and the lion didn't do anything to him? Did God do something to the lion so the lion did not attack, or was it Daniel that did something that caused the lion not to attack?My insight : Daniel believed in God ...