On Spiritual growth

Following God

All religions, I think, teach that we are the children of God. So now, imagine if we actually conducted ourselves like God and viewed every other human being as our own child. We would not hurt our children no matter what, right?

What Does It Mean to be Jewish?

There’s a passage in the Jewish prayer that I never liked. I don’t pronounce it in my prayer. It is the Ata Behartanu, which translates as “You, God, have chosen us as your chosen people,” which could be taken to mean that we are better than anybody else—better than the people we live with, the Gentiles. It always bothered me, this superiority complex. So I always skipped reading it.

The Theory of Everything

What happened when the Big Bang occurred? Time and space started. What was there before the Big Bang? There must have been something that was not time and space bound because both started with the Big Bang. What is it? It cannot be nothing. Nothing cannot create everything. I think it was energy because energy is neither bounded by time nor by space.Energy can be destructive or constructive.

God is Feminine Energy

I think we all agree that we are living in time of accelerated, turbulent change. How to survive?Without collaboration and cooperation, we will not be able to resolve the complex problems that the accelerated, turbulent and multi-disciplinary change is producing. For collabora...

Where Is God?

Let us start with a joke. A teacher asks her class, “Where is God?”A child says, “In my parents’ bedroom.”“Why?” asks the teacher.“Because I can often hear my mother shouting, ‘Oh my God, oh my God!’”What happens when you have an orgasm? For those few seconds, you lose yoursel...

Once Again: What Is God?

For me, God is not somebody with a long, long white beard sitting on a big chair and calling me to account for my deeds. This image is good, maybe, for the depiction of God in children’s stories.I follow and accept what practically all religions say: God is absolute Love. The ...

Why Jesus, Buddha, or Moses?

This blog post was featured in the Huffington Post on July 19, 2017.There is a social game that asks the players to decide whom they would most like to have dinner with. They can choose any figure, dead or alive, from any time in history—whoever it is that they find most fasci...