God is Feminine Energy

October 17, 2020

I think we all agree that we are living in time of accelerated, turbulent change.

How to survive?

Without collaboration and cooperation, we will not be able to resolve the complex problems that the accelerated, turbulent and multi-disciplinary change is producing.

For collaboration and cooperation, mutual trust and respect are needed. Without mutual respect, we cannot collaborate. We cannot accept each other's differences and learn from each other. It is necessary in this time of turbulence, change and uncertainty. We will make a better decision together than anyone of us alone can make.

We need mutual trust to cooperate because in order to cooperate, we have to believe that we're going to be benefiting from the implementation of the decision that we are making together. The sharing of the results usually happens after the implementation of the solution; Since it takes time for the realization of the decision, the person that cooperates has to trust those he's cooperating with that the benefits of the totality contributed to would be shared with him as well.

Mutual trust and respect are the ingredients of integration. There is no integration without trust and respect. And what is absolute integration? Love. Love to accept others for what they are and to trust their motives and behavior. Without Mutual Trust and Respect love is shallow or just a fig leaf.  

Which force is the most integrative force that integrate the whole world? Which energy is the one that drives the world and anything in it? All religions will say: God. He, our Father in Heaven. And here is where I disagree.

When the Big Bang occurred, time and space started which means that what was there before the Big Bang did not have either time or space limitations. And what has no time and space limitations? Love. You love someone who already died. You love someone who's thousand miles away. Love has no boundaries and limitations of time and space. So, love was there before the Big Bang. That's why all religions claim that God is love.

Which energy integrates? Which energy works with love rather than force?  Which energy, masculine or feminine, is integrative in nature? It is the feminine energy and I am not talking about the difference in sexes. I am talking about energy. Some women have masculine energy, some men have feminine energy. I am talking about feminine energy regardless of the sexual identification.

Masculine energy is focused on power, on reaching goals and competing for resources, on effectiveness and efficiency. On command and control. Feminine energy is focused on integration, on making a house a home. On integrating the family. And what is absolute integration if not love and feminine energy works with love. Masculine with power.

If God is driving the world, and if God is absolute integration and if absolute integration is love and feminine energy works with love then, may I humbly suggest that God is a feminine energy rather than a masculine energy.

If you insist on having an image of God then it should be of a woman, Our Mother in Heaven.

Just thinking,

Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes