The Ingredients of Love

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This text is an edited version of the speech on the video.

Almost in every meditation, I get a new insight. Quite powerful for me. I want to share one with you because I believe it's worthwhile sharing.
People who are in love, romance books, romantic movies, describe love as an emotion, as a feeling that you cannot overcome. You are overcome by it. Religion looks at love as something different. God loves you… Again, emotions.

It occurred to me that these descriptions of love are the (I) component of the P-A-E-I code. But there is more to love than just emotions, more than (I). There are also the P and an A and an E, that impact how much love is being felt.

If you do something disrespectful to the person you love, or if you do something that tarnishes trust, it will impact love. That person will wonder if there is true love. If you want to maintain that emotion called love, you need to follow and honor the rules of the culture. That is the (A) component of the PAEI code.

What about the P and the E? It's not enough to feel love. What do you do to express your love?" In the Jewish religion, it's essential to make tzedaka, which means to do something righteous and support poor people. And you should do your donations anonymously because you should do it with all your heart. You should not expect anything in return. Not in recognition either. Nothing. And when you work your land, a tenth of the field you should not harvest. You should leave it for the poor people. They should harvest it. They should have something too.

So, love is not only feeling, it should also be in the doing. What did you do to express your love? The Buddhist say: "Thank you for allowing me to serve you.” By serving they feel replenished. In love, in the giving is the taking. The more I give the more I get.

There should be also an E component. Love cannot be static. That's why the Sahaj Marg Master Charejee said, "Love is a muscle. You have to exercise it. You have to make it grow or it atrophies. It's not static."

So, love is emotion, granted, but in order to maintain that emotion, it is not enough to only feel. For sustainable love, you need to do whatever it takes to express your love, you have to be respectful and trustworthy and you have to work on it so it grows; do not take it for granted.

I hope it's helpful. Thank you.

Just thinking, Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes
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