The Terror in Paris: My Take On It

January 23, 2015

I am watching TV. More than one million people are demonstrating in Paris for solidarity, unity, democracy… and against terror. And a bunch of world leaders are holding hands among the first line of marchers.Impressive. Yes?Not to me.Why?For one, just a few minutes later the newscast has changed and we are confronted with the sight of thousands of Muslims in different parts of the world holding placards that claim, “I am Muhammad” in reaction to the placards in Paris that proclaim “I am Charlie.” And the Muslim marchers are not peaceful like the marchers in Paris. They are screaming for revenge.Revenge? Wait a minute, who is terrorizing whom?There is a Sephardic expression that comes to mind: ”Tanto grita el ladron que se spanta el patron” (“The thief screams so loud that the owner is the one who is scared”).Oh, maybe they do consider it us terrorizing them with our tanks and drones, bombing them and occupying their land. Maybe they have a legitimate reason to scream “Death to Jews,” “Death to America.”Do they?But nevertheless, in whichever scenario you choose, the Muslims know what they want. They are clear about their intentions and what action they will take. They exhibit energy, commitment.We, on the other hand, are wishy-washy. We are in this war and we are not in this war. We increase our military involvement then we reduce our military involvement. And we continuously plead for peace. And we are committed to being politically correct. And we are not against Muslims, God forbid. Just against the radical Muslims. And even there we are careful how we behave; we must not violate their human rights.They, take this, do not care about human rights. They publicly behead those they do not like. Period. No apologies.To us, human rights, political correctness, is more important than our security.For them, to terrorize us, is more important than even their quality of life.We are tied in self-imposed boundaries. They have no boundaries regarding what they can do.Our actions are mild, without focus or commitment. They are clear and willing to give their life for their cause.There is a rule in confrontations: whoever is more committed wins. Whoever has more energy wins. Who is freer to act wins.How will a march of more than one million---even five million--- stop terror? Will it make an impression on anyone in the Muslim world?Our marching does not impress them. Their radicals come and kill. And are willing to commit suicide in doing so. They have the religious fervor driving them to act without compromise.We go on marching and are even careful which words we use so that, God forbid, we do not offend them.Years ago when communism was alive, I remember you could not get a visa to the United States, even for a visit, if there was any evidence that you had a communist connection. A relative. A political history dating back to college. A questionable past. That was all it took and you were barred from entry.We were trying hard to keep men and women whose ideology threatened our safety from penetrating our country.To me, the radical Muslims now threaten our existence. They are not just propagating a different order like the communists did. They are aiming to impose their order by terror. Killing whoever is on their way.Even children.So, should we keep all Muslims out?How come we did it with communists but will not do it with Muslims?Because we are for religious freedom although this religion is politically belligerent.But are all of them belligerent? No. They are not. But then, where are the millions (OK, I am willing to accept twelve thousand) Muslim marchers against terror?I do not see moderate Muslims doing much to control the radical ones. They are too quiet to my liking. Some leader here and there denounces terrorism and that is it. How come they do not march against the radicals? Imprison them? Instead I see world-wide Muslim celebrations in the streets each time a terror attack succeeds. Thousands of them singing, dancing, distributing candy. Watch the news. I am not inventing this or imagining it.Those celebrating, are they not radical? What are they? Supporters of freedom, sympathizers of the Western democracy? If so why the celebrations?Where are the “peaceful” ones? They are the ones who can make a difference. There should be a Muslim movement against the radicals. It could be much more effective than us fighting it.p.s. My life was saved during Second World War by a Muslim Albanian family. I owe them my life. So, I am not anti-Muslim. I just wish the peace loving ones will take some real action.Not to act is to support terror. You can not just stand on the side and watch. You are either in or out; for or against.I wonder, just wonder, if as a reaction to the terror, we forbid entry to the country to ALL Muslims. Like we did with communists. If, IF, if we did this racist move, IF it will cause the peace loving Muslims to move to action against the radicals. Right now they do not suffer. They just watch us suffer…..Just thinking.Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes