Insights on Management and Leadership

What Is The Right Organizational Structure?

Today, there is a fad: The structure is not important! We need network organizations...communications! Not true because you have to know who is accountable—what you expect and from whom. Otherwise, things are happening in a way that is unpredictable, and the unpredictable result could be something you don't like.

What Is The Difference Between Delegation and Decentralization?

What is the difference between delegation and decentralization? Unless we know the difference, we can make some major mistakes in how we lead companies.

Principles of Delegation

We all know that you cannot do everything. Nobody can do everything. A good manager should know how to delegate.

Problems Are A Manifestation Of Change

All problems are caused by something falling apart. Companies that grow very, very fast, they also fall apart very fast. Eventually something will happen, and they will collapse.

Making a Matrix Organization Work

Matrix organizations are usually prescribed and implemented in organizations where double responsibilities are expected on the same subject.For example, although product managers are responsible for product profitability, they must rely on functions within the organization tha...

Respect and Trust

by Kjetil Sandermoen1. OverviewThe fundamental Adizes characteristics, Respect and Trust, have dimensions beyond their linear meaning. As a minimum, two avenues for each exist; they are feelings and behaviors. Thus, at least four possible options for interpreting the meaning o...

The Problem Solving Cycle: What Could Go Wrong?

In order to solve a problem we must first be aware that there is a problem.In order to be aware one has to define what is it that one should be aware of.A problem is a result or /and a process that is unexpected and /or undesirable.There are many examples to manifest the above...

Collaboration vs. Cooperation

Is collaboration and cooperation the same thing? Are they synonymous words?I believe they are different, and that the differences can be seen by looking at the Adizes map of managing change. (1)What is “collaboration”?Collaboration is what a complementary team does: It works t...

How to manage a contemporary higher education institution?

Text: Virginijus KundrotasDean of Adizes Graduate School (USA),Vice president of Adizes Institute (USA), EuropePresident of BMDA – Baltic Management Development Association, Lithuania,CEEMAN Vice PresidentWhat should a well established educational institution look like or how ...


(By Nebojsa Caric and Duska Rodic, Adizes Business Consulting, Southeast Europe Region)People are the most important resource of any company, and practically that means all problems are both created and solved by people. How successful we will be and how many concerns or how ...